Internet Lifestyle Network Day 5 Video Challenge .. sort of

Well this is day 5 of the video challenge..but I will say..I will technically have to start my count over again.  I wasn’t going to bring attention to the fact that merely 4 days in and I already missed a day, but then I thought why not?

I don’t have the stats yet as to how many from the original first day are still on track. Since my wife and I are really on one account with Internet Lifestyle Network ( ILN)  we really can only count as one entry.  I had been helping with editing Eydie’s videos and spending WAY to much time editing mine that I missed the midnight deadline one day and another I think I plain fell asleep.

The thing is though, I personally may be out and we still have Eydie’s in good standing, but I think that is a little what got me, subconsciously.  I had that slightest..’ ..well, since it is only the one account that counts…it won’t really matter if I miss a day anyway.

The problem with that was then that allowed me to miss. I lost the discipline to post anyway.  I mean, why wouldn’t it just be doubly beneficial if I posted 100 also!?

Well, for the sake of numbering the videos and such I am not starting over  exactly.  I am just going to keep posting and will have to just go 102 days to get the 100 straight!

Meanwhile, I think I am going to have to watch the video editing a bit for now.  But I am going to have to start getting those tutorial type vids out.  The mindset stuff is always good…but you also need info on what to be doing.

Todays message was simply addition to yesterdays Ironman clip.

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