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Day 3 of the Internet Lifestyle Network 100 day video Challenge. Something most, if not all, successful entrepreneurs do is have a daily call to action or daily plan of action, whichever you want to call it.
But basically, outside of the ever changing tasks you have to do daily , the unexpected Webinar you just HAVE to be on, the kids school project, overtime at work etc…the one thing to implement and become very disciplined with is a few main key processes that need to be done each day.

Depending on which form of marketing you are using, whether it is LinkedIn, FaceBook, or a 100 Day Video Challenge like this, you need to get consistant on those daily actions. That is what contests like this are for. To create the habit that no matter what, you at LEAST get those tasks done.

The ones that are the most important, and it just might not be going through your email for the 10th time that day.

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