How to Deal with Overwhelm?

As a person with a highly analytical mind ( weird though as I really didn’t do well in  analysis class in college) I am always looking at the variables and the possible outcomes, the idea possibilities, the “what if’s “, “how does that tie in ? “  of all that I have learned and continue to learn in this world of internet marketing.  One thing I have learned is  ‘multi tasking’ is a trip to overwhelm for someone like me.  It is also a road to a stall in productivity, a bunch of unfinished projects, a cluttered mind ( about all the unfinished projects), heightened distraction rate, and eventually depression.   This of course started while reading a FaceBook  post in one of my groups ( while I was supposed to be watching my FB marketing course) and again, my reply spawned content for this. So how to deal with overwhelm?

Well, I of course am no expert on the matter as a professional life coach would be, and of course there are levels and variables in the state of overwhelm. I will mention ( because of my analytical mind and my education in functional nutrition) that simply changing your state of mind doesn’t always do the trick as food can cause some pretty good mood swings and chemical imbalances that most people ( due to the overstimulated society we live in) don’t recognize. But that is a topic for another blog.

As for in the internet marketing biz , being a new person, the overwhelm can come from the huge influx of information available. We can spend our time pouring through youtube videos, capture pages, free offers and email blasts. Maybe just drop the cash and buy someone’s product that has narrowed it down more concise and save us some time ( generally recommended). Then you have to watch it, apply it, test it , watch more webinars, sit through more content and on and on.

BUT, that’s not the end. Right when you think you are close ( which you should just get going..don’t wait!)  , you have to rewatch a training you saw because you can’t remember how the widget connected to the plugin thingy to capture the do whopper on the web link that doesnt work on the web address you can’t log into, to see the very first lead that you didnt know was in there and then and then … :)

Take a deep breath and do what’s below. Accept what you HAVE done and move on.

Well, I did learn some things going through a great program called The Ultimate Game of Life, one being a mind dump exercise. This and some other tips and when applied, help to calm the mind and reduce overwhelm, some of which is below

  • write on a piece of paper EVERYTHING you think you have to do. Projects, ideas, chores, jobs, commitments, contacts etc.  we want to clear the mind. ( at first this just got me overwhelmed as I looked at it all!)
  • prioritize from most immediate to long term- this way things don’t spring up on you and you also recognize that room isn’t going to get painted by dinner time TONIGHT!
  • you may want to categorize as well by time commitment. A call that needs to be made..can be done then and there.  A 6 hour course you bought may need to be partitioned/planned out over the next 8-9 days ( I saw that because I get interrupted or you are trying to implement a techie thing and it doesn’t always go as planned)
  • Then take it a step at a time. Do what you can in the allocated time and be done. Need to skim through emails? Pick a time and time frame you will do it, and stick to it.
  • Finally. Don’t beat yourself up about what you didn’t get done. Acknowledge what you did get done and be happy!

These of course sound like simple tips maybe for some, but many of us struggle to simply do these. There are others I have seen like blocking off your most productive time of day,  and knowing when you are most likely not going to be interrupted. Of course you could google for some other tips and get lost for another 2 hours on the internet. Me? I need to get back to my FB course since I was distracted in writing this!!  Have a great, productive, day :)


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