Place an Ad To Your Blog- yet using your own picture choice

If you have ever needed to place an ad to your blog like I did the other day, but the one generated by the company just wasn’t quite going to work out, there is a way around it.  I decided to find out how to put a picture of my choice in and make it a clickable link. So to place an ad  to your blog when you dont have a company HTML code and picture you want, you first have to get the picture that you want to use.

place an ad to your blog



I was trying to put the above event banner in , however since I still have 3 columns instead of what would probably be a simpler 2, I wanted to have a verticle banner that fit in the space provided. Maybe you want to place an ad to your blog as well and the HTML coded one they provide isn’t working for you either. Or you simply want to use your own pic to place an ad to your blog.

Since there are different themes and such for blogs, the tutorial I made below covers how I had to put mine in. I do not have information for all the variables out there. This action required:

  • logging into my WordPress admin just like when going to post a blog.
  • finding and cutting, pasting, editing and saving a photo of choice ( I simply used paint)
  • retrieving the hyperlink from the company
  • placing a hyperlink to that photo
  • this then generates an HTML code
  • placing that code into one of the side banners of the blog

So to place an ad to your blog you start by finding what picture you want to be ‘clickable’ as the link. This could be anything. Then import the pic into a ‘new post’ window you open in your blog.

Simply import the picture into a new posting and then add the hyperlink to the photo. When you then switch from ‘Visual’ to HTML in the upper right of the posting, you will have your code for embedding into the text box for where you want to place an ad to your blog.

Here is a step by step that I followed:



Hope this is something that you can use. I will continue to get usable tips out to help you in your online journey!!

place an ad to your blog






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