Affiliating-Supplementing Your MLM While You Build It

Is there a need for supplementing your MLM business with other income while you are building it?  That probably is best answered as, it depends. In my coaching of cyclists and triathletes and general health issues with my personal training clients, I tend to really dig into the variables of this process.  I tend to look at the other side of things and the “what if’s” . You have to decide when you venture into the world of network marketing/ internet marketing, to still keep some sense in you. It is business.

supplementing your MLMHave you thought there might be a need to supplementing your MLM business? As you try to build maybe you have the expectation it will pull a full time income within the month. Granted…this can and has happened…but it is not the majority ( many times that is the result of a company switch)  Maybe you feel if you put yourself on the line financially, it will put a fire under their butt and magically erase  a lifetime of bad habits and you’ll ‘get busy’. After all, that’s what guru who did it. You though, only found yourself in a financial bind as the money ran thin.

Don’t quit your day job.

The learning curve is steep and depending on you and your abilities and time, all will be factors in how quickly things move. I am PRIME example of that.

Regardless of  where you are with the items below, it still would be wise to think of supplementing your MLM biz with some other income.

  • what kind of action taker are you- busy work or business work?
  • what stage in the learning process you are
  • how many leads are you getting daily ( and how many are you calling?)
  • do you have a reserve of money to float until you are pulling a check?
  • are you single? It is one thing for you to suffer, but not wise to bring the family too.
  • a Millionaire mindset? or poverty mindset

I was taught from the start not to put all your income dependency into one source. Rob Fore mentioned this in one of his trainings. It could disappear overnight.  Many of the things I have learned in this business are simply through other people’s mistakes. I guess when we are younger this didn’t apply much when it came to listening to our parents advice! But doesn’t it just sound like good advice to have multiple streams of income?

So GET to the POINT!  What do I mean Supplementing Your MLM?

It means utilizing the same tools you are learning to use and monetizing them to your people as you teach them. Somebody somewhere makes a commission on most items sold, why not you. A little here a little there and it adds up.

One of the best avenues for this is My Lead System Pro. You should be utilizing a system anyway when working with your people. Any training they need, the programs are most likely in the back office of this tool. You  should be introduced to this even if you don’t join me in my primary biz opp because after all, isnt that why you stumbled here anyway? Because you needed some help? some guidance?

I good business person will take this supplemental income and turn right around and put it back into their business. Not take an extra trip to the movies. Put it back into marketing. Maybe try the PPC ads you haven’t done yet. Buy I self help book for personal growth.

Other sources then are items you as a student are going to need anyway. These should be peppered throughout your site, blog posts, emails, facebook posts. Reviewing what you use gives you content to write about. BUT, be a little discrete about it. Stick it in the signature, add it to a value based “how to” video.

Things like an autoresponder you get here because it is a must have for building a list.

You’ll need  to get a web domain name, so get em at Go Daddy through this affiliate link

Host it on Hostgator and then install WordPress utilizing free or paid themes

Maybe you need a search engine optimizer (SEO) so send get what is recommended,  SEOPressor

Maybe you have some money to invest in a more powerful tool right off the bat.  Like the same Lead Generation tool the companies use to sell leads directly to marketers

Some help with Facebook pages Income Hybrid and a Facebook program

I couldn’t forget the FIRST thing you should be going through once in MLSP is the granddaddy, Attraction Marketing through Magnetic Sponsoring with Building on a Budget to back it up.

Yes, those are  all shameless links to affiliate products ( will probably kill the ranking of this page!) But just trying to make a point of all the avenues ( and this is barely the tip )  and you of course aren’t going to promote all these at the same time.

The point being, learn to affiliate. It takes some time for the initial set up, some time for people to start utilizing ( after all, you might not have anyone to be using them at the start, but that’s ok.)

I can’t emphasize enough to simply use the My Lead System Pro as the FIRST step.  The training, the links, are ALL provided for you in this system being utilized by many of the top 6 and 7 figure earners.

And how could I forget. LIVE events are the cornerstone of this biz so affiliate it to cover the costs of going. This is the next big one

LIVE THE DREAM Event in Orlando, FL. Sign on up!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to help in any way I can. Have a GREAT day!

supplementing your MLM

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