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This may be a bit of a different post,  but, since athletics have been such a part of my life, posts like these will show up in my business site. Simple as that.  Generally, I would write about this Father and Son duo in something to give to my triathlete clients with a tie in to what should motivate them to pursue their thoughts on challenging  themselves with an endurance event. Their cry of Yes You Can, I realized today, goes beyond the simple act of choosing an event to do and strive for it.

Yes You Can

I had the honor of attending a fund raising event today that a friend of mine, Michael Hennesey,  organized for the foundation he formed a couple years ago called Ironman for Kids. A fellow triathlete, my friend had started this foundation for Trisomy awareness with a bang by breaking the then World Record for the most Ironman distance races completed in a year by doing 16 in 9 months. Although the ‘ Yes You Can ‘ applies to his drive 1) to do so many events and 2) to start a foundation from scratch,  duking it out for dollars against the big guns of Susan B. Komen , Diabetes, Heart Association and the rest. But the Yes You Can is the tag line for his keynote speaker at the event, retired Lt. Colonel Dick Hoyt.

Team Hoyt- Dick and Rick

You can go see an inspirational quick video on the opening page of  Dick and Rick Hoyt’s website TeamHoyt and learn more about them. But the ghist of it is this man, now entering his 70’s , has spent the last 30 years attending marathons, and triathlons, pushing his disabled son! What started as a request of Rick to participate in a 5 mi run turned into more events including 29 Boston marathons, 6 Ironman distance Triathlons,riding across the country,  and over 1000 other events.

Their Yes you Can became their inspirational movement due to the early years when they were told many times they couldn’t compete in these early events as there wasn’t a category for them. For Boston Marathon ( the only race with that uses qualifying times to enter)  discrepancy on which age group they could enter, his or his son’s was an issue. In the end, they broke many barriers and made huge strides in the area of disabled rights, along the way achieving a personal best of 2:40 marathon time…that’s smokin’!!

Along the way, they also made many connections to people in general. People who had self imposed beliefs that they couldn’t or shouldn’t attempt certain things in life. Whether this be due to personal, parental or societal conditioning, they needed to hear the Yes You Can cry. So you could take Dick and Rick’s story and apply it to this world of internet business as well as you will most likely encounter much resistance to you venturing into it. Partly because the people judging your actions have such a conditioned, narrow mind approach to how things should be done, on how money and lifestyle should be achieved.

You will have to have the drive and determination to make it through much scrutiny and skepticism to get to the success you are seeking. There are many hurdles, yet the biggest is being the action to be taken. Dick said he was wrecked for 2 weeks after that first 5 mi  race, but the smile on Rick’s face was all he needed. Rick stated it was the first time he didn’t feel disabled. You are striving for your own personal ‘why’ in being entrepreneurial, and you will feel wrecked many times in the process.

So whether it is the smile on your kids faces when you get to be at every game or dance recital, or closeness you achieve with your significant other  when you are there in the morning, and night…after being there all day. In my case it is the above, as well as the peace of being able to go for a long bike ride or run, without the worries of the time I am taking away from my job or family, and truly enjoy it fully again.

So click on that first video clip at, get inspired, and think how Yes you Can achieve something in this industry, and it only takes that first step to get started!  Dick has, and says never will, race without his son. They are a team.  You need a team and leader to get you there. Connect with me if you want to run that path with my team.

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