Stressing about Technical Glitches and Setbacks- is this keeping you from financial freedom?

So I  had fallen into the trap, stressing about technical glitches and setbacks. It has been too many days since my last post and in that process I was taught something about myself.  When I get derailed I really get shut down.  Now there are some other factors involved, but the bottom line was I let a little overwhelm creep back in.

In many of the successful people today online, there is generally a story behind the success.  You won’t hear about it in the beginning as they want to establish their position, and posting such info might leave an impression on someone that they aren’t someone they would like to work with. I will post anyway s part of the journey.

I had to take a step back and realize that this is the same transparency used in the coaching of my triathletes.  The feedback my friend and I would get when we would post of our trials and tribulations in our training for Ironman paths, were always of thanks for sharing with  them on the fact despite where they saw us as great athletes, we were indeed human and went through the same things they were.

So here I was stressing about technical glitches and setbacks. I had done well with getting through so many steps in the process of getting set up on line I thought. Yet with each step came another realization of what more I had to do. I ran into this same process my whole progression to the top of my field in cycling. Each time I advanced in level, I had to do more to get to the next level.

One of the challenges I had was the time I was spending on building my business. I sometimes fall into the all or nothing mentality. When it can’t be all…it becomes nothing.  I was making the mistake of pulling all nighters to accomplish things. You hear of the sacrifice and such and accepted this as just part of it. The problem is, though the occasional use of this may be necessary, much like going to school might have entailed a few. But what I found was my motivation, my clarity, my creativity and organization started to suffer the more I did this.

Productivity tips generally will speak more of blocking time to do certain tasks and just be patient and consistent. That things aren’t ‘going to happen over night. I found myself becoming impatient with my progress as well as on the perfection path again. Last week I  spent two overnighters and the other days very short on sleep.  I had handled this before, but for some reason I just wasn’t anymore.

I had decided to maybe go to bed earlier and get up early, and that just wasn’t working either, I wouldn’t get up. I started over sleeping for my morning clients at the club and I could then see the effect the lack of sleep was having. This then was also disrupted by a 5 and 3 year old who decided 4 a.m was a good time to wake up, so even when attempting to ‘catch up’ I was not getting the peace I needed.

I am not sure really where I was going with this post other than the fact that we hear about time management as a necessity in business, yet in another article we indeed can not ‘manage’ time. It is the same 24 hours for all and discipline and acceptance with what time  might be a better way of looking at it.

Jonathan Budd even addressed one time that in his decision to go into full ON mode to build his business he decided he was going to adjust everything that would put him into optimal function, including what he was eating. As an athlete I understood this, yet I was doing the opposite, I was eating worse than when I was training and my energy showed.

So back to the stressing about technical glitches and setbacks. I had a computer get dropped and thus inoperable, and an older one so slow I feel like I am on dial up. Then trying to find info that I did not have backed up put into a 2 year old replacement a friend gave me.  I had a particular task that I had been hung up on for awhile. I finally get a little help with it, believe it to be solved, only to be told I need to resubmit something yet again. I don’t know quite what to do and contact with the person takes days as they are very busy. The lack of sleep and frustration just shut me down. I no longer had the will to stay up late to work on it.

The unfortunate outcome was 3 days of backed up emails of which I am not the best at just skimming over for the fear of ‘missing out’ on something.  3 missed days of blogging in a challenge I am part of, so the self  imposed ‘failure’ starts to sneak in. Finally, a feeling of being steps behind as I watched others progress and I’m distracted spending more time reading other people’s blogs instead of doing my work.

I finally snapped out of it, though I am probably pulling another all nighter tonight as I have some client programs to write as well tonight. But I read some posts from other 90 day challenge players and I am not the only one facing these challenges. I didn’t really think I was. But it was good to see the others talk about it just as my athletes liked to see me go through challenges.

You just get back on, reassess, get a plan back in order, find out what is most important to get going onto the next step, QUIT WHINING about it all and move on. Don’t focus on what you haven’t gotten done or everything at once you need to get done. Just pick the next task and get it done. Focus on the end goal.

After getting some sleep I got 4-5  blog ideas and for once wrote some notes down about them to hopefully jog my memory about what they were because when my mind gets going it is in overdrive. My next post will delve a little into what needs to happen in order to accomplish this lifestyle we seek. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses and their timing to achieving is also varied. In the end, it is those that don’t quit that succeed, no matter how many times you feel like it!






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