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The Cry of Many- No Money

Well, no money for one end of the income spectrum. Earlier this week in the USA Today Money section,  in a small blurb,  probably overlooked being placed next to the Steve Jobs’ passing and biography article, was a quick paragraph about U.S. household earnings. The no money issue, seems to account for a high percentage.  It seems that 50% of U.S. workers earned less than $26, 364 last year. That is some pretty tight budgeting to make that work as many of us know. Then you still have the middle class…one ‘unexpected’ incident from financial catastrophe.

Yet the surprising statistic is, the number of people making $1 million or more has actually risen by more than 18% since 2009! ( according to the Social Security Administration. ) This occurred at the at the same time as population growth,  yet decline in  the  number of Americans  with jobs.  Of course this doesn’t mean this group too can’t claim ” no money ” .

Why No Money ?    no money pants

I am no Clark Howard or Dave Ramsey when it comes to money management, though I have done some pretty creative financing in my 20+years as a bicycle racer/ Ironman athlete.  So to say why someone has no money on the low income range, pretty easy, that amount these days doesn’t cover very much.  It reminds me of a simple gift of a deck of cards I received for my 40th birthday. It had all these little facts and figures of news items and cost tidbits from my birth year.  Things like a gallon of gas $.33 cents,  postage stamps, $ .06,  and minimum wage $1.60!! wow! Now that income noted above would go much further.

No money still claimed by that group that is pulling in $1million or more? Could be because they still  overspend, got over their heads in where that money is invested or is accessible, or maybe it is tied up in the debt of the schooling it took to get to that point.  Yet, in thinking about it, probably many of these million dollar earners didn’t get that way from the Ivy league route, but through entrepreneurship.

Hmmm, Entrepreneurship?

The quest for never having to say you have no money is only a part of the inner drive of someone who just can’t fight the inner desire to be an entrepreneur. Time freedom and long term security are some of the others. Leaving a legacy of some sort through your works with your abundance is another. But many that have started businesses in the traditional sense, years later find themselves basically owning their own job.  So yes they are working for themselves…but never really walking away from it while still producing the income without fear of it collapsing.

Enter the leveraged income model.  Make a little off of a lot. Short term hard work for long term freedom.  Time to still pursue passions rather than spending your retirement on maintaining what health you have left from working yourself to the bone in a messed up system.

A new 1968 Corvette coupe cost $4,633 when I was born. That could be bought with just a few teammates and a little duplication of systems in one of the opportunities I work with. It would take me many many hours of personal training clients to come up with that amount…and non existent at today’s minimum wage.

There are some great methods proven to be done to pull the incomes  that build towards that upper 18%.  Just as schooling to the Masters or PHD level weeds people out, so does this industry. But for those who stick it out, the benefits are mindbending.

If you haven’t found what you are looking for, get in contact with me and we can talk about what you really want to do.

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