Network Marketing Success- a marathon not a sprint

Looking for Network Marketing Success ? Then you better understand, it takes time, not matter what, and a sharp learning curve. As I am also a triathlon and running coach, I find that when working with people, one of the harder things to get people to understand when moving up from the shorter distances to the longer distances, is that the training is different, and it takes more time.

Network Marketing Success – It is NOT “get rich quick”   network marketing success

If you come into the industry with thoughts of being able to retire or quit your day job after your first month in the biz, you better think again. I’m not saying this network marketing success doesn’t happen, but that time frame is not the norm. Though you do hear network marketing success stories of people making thousands a month, a week , and even days, there is a behind the scenes time frame of struggle for most of them to achieve that network marketing success.

There are people that feel disenchanted by the industry and network marketing success,  because they did not achieve the network marketing success as quick as they were hoping. Placing them into a desperation mindset and then quitting all together. But just like the runner who after finishing their first 5k, can’t really fathom they could do a marathon, it is simply because they don’t look at the fact that it will take more miles, more months, more lifestyle changes, more sacrifice….to get what they want.

As I was heading up to pick up my son from school, I had just gotten off a FB chat with a friend about the similarities in what I have done the past 20 years and how it applies a bit to network marketing success.


Many that have made it might slowly forget some of the little steps they did because it was long ago, or , as the way the internet world goes, things  change what seems like daily. I chose to go with someone , Michelle Pescosolido, who I saw was rising fast in her network marketing success, and doing things with current methods.    network marketing success

So sometimes it might be best to work with someone on the way up, when the time is there to work with you and really get you going.  Training for the marathon takes some more insight, thought, preparation, and a don’t quit mentality same as your journey to network marketing success!. The sprint, you just take off, go hard, and be done, unfortunately similar to  some people’s experience after they sign that line to get started in a company.

Take care and share if this was what you needed to hear today. We all go through the ups and downs on the journey!

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