Network Marketing Income the Best Choice?

Is Network Marketing Income the best choice for income for you?  I sure seem to be reassured of the path I have chosen many times as I work with my personal training clients each day. It is amazing the amount of work some of the businessmen I train put into projects with a projected return that seems pale in comparison to what with the same kind of work and planning and execution, could bring in the network marketing income business model.

One of my clients that I have had off and on for 5 years or so has been on the same business project this whole time. It is an invention/start up and has had it’s general roadblocks and setbacks. Now I don’t really know what the financial benefit will be when it ever fully takes hold, but it sure seems like a lot of wasted time spent on endless conference calls, miscommunication, multiple parties involved and negotiations. His second project is in another country and involves much government regulation and red tape as well as money going who knows where to get things done.

I have others in the land development business that have really had it tough since 2009. Other people that I assumed were doing fine ( I’m not cheap to train with! ) all of a sudden have to drop out to regroup their finances. Training is many times considered a luxury expense so it along with, say, massage, are the first to get cut.

Another friend, who independently from his home built himself to top 10 mortgage brokers in his city ( though I don’t know the whole story behind this I’ll admit)  had to venture out of the self employed world. Lost jobs left and right, college degrees going unused. Yes, it is looking pretty grim out there.

So is Network Marketing Income right for you? It really all depends.

No matter the possibilities of network marketing income,  many will never choose to come off the fence.  Whether this be due to negativity towards the industry,  their own lack of vision, or because they have never met anybody that actually did survive long enough to make substantial income.

Maybe choosing network marketing income in today’s economy doesn’t seem wise. This industry actually thrives during times like this.  The internet has only helped this increase as more and more go there to look for ways to make an income.

What the rise in the jobless is actually doing though is driving people onto the internet looking for something else. As I had mentioned in another post, I decided to take some steps to get out of the roller coaster of  a job I currently have. It is a sea of information and of course a lot of deception and crap out there too. Ever hear of ‘cash gifting’ ? I would get lost for hours watching vids of people ripping open FedEx envelopes with cash pouring out that people ‘gifted’ to them. I passed on that one.

I can not access a link from my broken computer from a blog post I had come across  about the downfalls of network marketing, but  I’ll briefly cover the writers view.  He stated basically because of the generally known high failure rate of the Multi-Level Marketing and network marketing income model, that you would be better off with the traditional methods going back to school or buying a franchise. Really? a franchise? Talk to some that have done both and they will probably tell you franchising isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

But chances are the network marketing income approach to financial freedom isn’t going to be for you. Contrary to what most of the ads that lead you down this path say, it isn’t easy. Simple, in the grand scheme of things, but it takes hard work and persistence. Now, if you are following the traditional methods exclusively for introducing your opportunity you may be having a difficult time. We run out of those prospects quickly. And if you didn’t happen to find your ‘shining star’ in that first go around, then you are now desperate for leads. See, not everyone wants to work for a network marketing income.

So, if you are on the fence about pursuing a network marketing income, get in contact with me. There are a few avenues to pursue and ways to use the internet to get leads from people that are looking to do what you do.






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