Labor Day for Network Marketers ?

Do we need a Labor Day for Network Marketers ?

An interesting thought I would say. After all, is not the concept of network marketing to establish time freedom, true financial security,  and an escape from the daily, unfortunately ingrained, concept of painfully trading our time for dollars?

Labor DayThe first big Labor Day in the United States was observed on Sept 5th 1882 by the Central Labor Union of New York. First proposed by Peter Mcguire after watching a labor festival in Toronto, Canada.  Oregon being the first state to make it a holiday in 1887 and by time it became a Federal holiday in 1894, 30 states were celebrating it.

The rest you can finish up on Wikipedia. Labor Day has come to symbolize the end of summer and often regarded as a day of rest and parties, with speeches taking a back seat.

Network marketers might have a different meaning to Labor Day

Depending where you are at in your network marketing journey, maybe you didn’t fully celebrate Labor Day. You were using this free day for pouring over more courses you bought, watching more videos, getting more overwhelmed or frustrated as to why your email link doesn’t go where you want it to!

Labor Day was a day away from your regular job where you could get more done. Striving so come this time next year, you can actually enjoy the day like everyone else. In fact, you will probably be enjoying it more than them because you will still be pulling an income while celebrating. Sure, they might get vacation pay. The little carrot the job puts out to keep you feeling ‘secure’.

But for entrepreneurs, Labor Day may soon feel like most other days, except for the fact that your friends can now come out to play. It is what you are striving for in the lifestyle you are pursuing.

Labor Day marks the beginning of football season. Maybe you can go attend a game instead of just watching it on TV, and hang out for a couple extra days…because you can.

With most people ingrained in the work all week, to be able to squeeze a couple days of freedom, to then go back to trying to make it to next week, you just might have to find some new friends!

So what am I getting at?  Either you are in or out on changing your lifestyle. The more you envision how things can be if you truly apply yourself, the harder you will work at it.

Sure it will take some back to back actual “Labor Day”s .  It doesn’t happen overnight. Most likely a few months at best. But in the end the rewards could be much greater.

So make the decision. Find yourself a mentor, do what they say, a system, and set it up, and action.. take massive action!  I have to go now to tend to some kiddos getting up in the middle of the night! Have a great day!

Labor Day

Chris Aarhus

Skype:  Chris.Aarhus

p.s. I am always looking for people who are willing to jump off the fence and get started with changing their lives.  If you are one of those just go here and start the process.

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