Blogging for Apples- the Power of the Blog

power of the blogUnderstanding the Power of the Blog

Due to the general understanding of the power of the blog, there are some 30,000 blogs started everyday with people venturing onto the internet looking  either to simply have a place to post their daily happenings, and more often, because there is money to be made from blogging.

A blog is an easy and low cost method of creating a presence on the internet. It can be completely free. However, if planning to build any sort of business online, harness the true power of the blog by owning it with a domain name you purchase and a theme installed to make it look like a web page. The difference between the two? WordPress explains here.

Short explanation:

www. is where you would send someone if setting your blog up through the ‘.com‘ version of WordPress ( I believe the most used blog site ?? ) set up through the ” .org ”  version of  Worpress looks more personally branded and you now own this site being that this domain name has been purchased.

I covered a quick version of how to set up a web address and theme in a post here.

The Power of the Blog is an Inexpensive Web Presence

Start up marketers don’t have the budgets to pay the thousands of dollars for a professional web builder to pretty up their site. Unless you have a huge interactive business entity with a global presence it really isn’t necessary these days. The power of the blog that creates interaction can become very lucrative.  The average time spent on a web site is 56 seconds so you better have something of value to keep them around.  In the network marketing world that generally entails value driven “how to” information and personal development.

Instead of paying thousands for a professionally done website, many just use what are called Themes installed onto the blog giving the power of the blog to look like a website with pages and links.  You can use the free version of the theme, or for a small price  eliminate any  links that show you are using the free stuff.

You then do not have to go back each time to your programmer, who can charge for each change when you wish to add or edit a post or page. The cost of this route is simply the one time purchase price of the domain name and the monthly ‘hosting’ fee which is necessary to then allow it to be seen on the internet.

There is still a price. Your time. Depending on your tech skills, this could be quite the frustrating process.

However-There is NO power of the Blog if you don’t use it!Power of the blog

Many think if they simply set it up, people will find it and you will be richwithin days. Hardly the case. Not only does it take consistent time of near daily posting, but to also have people linking back to it, sharing it, commenting on it, and spending some time on it.

It takes some work! There are also tools to use for automating some of the processes  auto-syndicating or sharing your content like TribePro.  I just started with a plug- in called WPSyndicator. I’ll get back to you on how that one performs.

I have gone back and looked at the names of people on someone’s list when they do a ‘backoffice’ testimonial of who they have signed up in their system. Upon googling I see the person blogged maybe a handful of times over the course of 2 months and then called it quits when they didn’t see any results, thus becoming another casualty of the ‘scam’ of the internet.

SUPER Power of the Blog- Is Video!

25 million women streamed video in one month via social networks according to Nielsen. That is just the women! Not only does a video keep someone on your page longer ( google likes this) but it increases the power of the blog with the benefit of that  info being shared..especially if you are a little whacky maybe and people connect well with your personal authenticity. It builds a better connection to your audience.

How do you put it all together to maximize the power of the blog? Well, you can pour through hours and hours of Youtube video and blog posts or find someone to guide you through it. So when you sign up to work with someone in their primary business, it is in their best interest to teach them and keep them from wasting time. Which is exactly what I am willing to do for you!

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Short Setting up a Blog Instructions

Setting up a Blog isn’t as hard as it may seem

BUT, I guess that depends on where you are at in this whole process of setting up a blog and starting your online presence, and where you are coming from. Some people are just solvers and they can get a little instruction here and there and figure stuff out.  Not always the most efficient way, but gets it done none the less. setting up a blog

I had to watch a step by step video..and then it had been so long since I touched it once I set it up..I forgot it all again. I have a post I did when setting up a blog, about placing a click-able picture that doesn’t have a HTML code attached yet.  I  had to refer back to it because I kept missing a step when attempting to do it again.

Just Follow the Steps when Setting up a Blog

They are all over the internet. Try to look for a more recent one. In this case,  a zillion views since 2008 might seem the one to watch, but the info could easily be outdated now.  There are even small, what are called ‘Caffeine Products’ out there ( low cost by people a step ahead of you) that save you the time of sifting through a few hundred sites looking for the most current one.  Even then, after setting up a blog, you will need some help with working with WordPress… it never seems to go together like it is supposed to.

Setting up a Blog Doesn’t Have to be Perfect the First Time

Don’t get hung up ( umm…like I did) on having it all complete before working on your lead generation. The setting up a blog is a process and it will evolve over time. I have gotten in a few ‘guru’ sites who’s links are broken ( some of mine arent even done yet) A pretty blog will be nothing without traffic and your business nothing without calling your leads generated.

Here is a quick vid of the ultra basics of what you will be doing.


  • Getting a WordPress. ORG not .COM account
  • Get a Godaddy account
  • Buy a domain name
  • Either Host it with Godaddy or with Hostgator
  • transfer DNS server names directing Godaddy to Hostgator
  • Install Fantastico in Hostgator
  • Pick and install a  Theme paid or free  FlexiThemes
  • Install some widgets and plugins to help optimize the site like SEOPressor

This really goes back to why working with the system I use is so beneficial. Each step necessary to get your presence online is in that back office. Not just the building a website part, but everything else you could possibly need ( other than a little guiding hand )

Give it a 2week test drive before going and buying a bunch of training individually. Click MLSP and just Get Taught Marketing!


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No Money ? Well, SOMEBODY is making money

no money

The Cry of Many- No Money

Well, no money for one end of the income spectrum. Earlier this week in the USA Today Money section,  in a small blurb,  probably overlooked being placed next to the Steve Jobs’ passing and biography article, was a quick paragraph about U.S. household earnings. The no money issue, seems to account for a high percentage.  It seems that 50% of U.S. workers earned less than $26, 364 last year. That is some pretty tight budgeting to make that work as many of us know. Then you still have the middle class…one ‘unexpected’ incident from financial catastrophe.

Yet the surprising statistic is, the number of people making $1 million or more has actually risen by more than 18% since 2009! ( according to the Social Security Administration. ) This occurred at the at the same time as population growth,  yet decline in  the  number of Americans  with jobs.  Of course this doesn’t mean this group too can’t claim ” no money ” .

Why No Money ?    no money pants

I am no Clark Howard or Dave Ramsey when it comes to money management, though I have done some pretty creative financing in my 20+years as a bicycle racer/ Ironman athlete.  So to say why someone has no money on the low income range, pretty easy, that amount these days doesn’t cover very much.  It reminds me of a simple gift of a deck of cards I received for my 40th birthday. It had all these little facts and figures of news items and cost tidbits from my birth year.  Things like a gallon of gas $.33 cents,  postage stamps, $ .06,  and minimum wage $1.60!! wow! Now that income noted above would go much further.

No money still claimed by that group that is pulling in $1million or more? Could be because they still  overspend, got over their heads in where that money is invested or is accessible, or maybe it is tied up in the debt of the schooling it took to get to that point.  Yet, in thinking about it, probably many of these million dollar earners didn’t get that way from the Ivy league route, but through entrepreneurship.

Hmmm, Entrepreneurship?

The quest for never having to say you have no money is only a part of the inner drive of someone who just can’t fight the inner desire to be an entrepreneur. Time freedom and long term security are some of the others. Leaving a legacy of some sort through your works with your abundance is another. But many that have started businesses in the traditional sense, years later find themselves basically owning their own job.  So yes they are working for themselves…but never really walking away from it while still producing the income without fear of it collapsing.

Enter the leveraged income model.  Make a little off of a lot. Short term hard work for long term freedom.  Time to still pursue passions rather than spending your retirement on maintaining what health you have left from working yourself to the bone in a messed up system.

A new 1968 Corvette coupe cost $4,633 when I was born. That could be bought with just a few teammates and a little duplication of systems in one of the opportunities I work with. It would take me many many hours of personal training clients to come up with that amount…and non existent at today’s minimum wage.

There are some great methods proven to be done to pull the incomes  that build towards that upper 18%.  Just as schooling to the Masters or PHD level weeds people out, so does this industry. But for those who stick it out, the benefits are mindbending.

If you haven’t found what you are looking for, get in contact with me and we can talk about what you really want to do.

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Scarier than Halloween?

What Could Be Scarier than Halloween?  scarier than Halloween

Well, if you are like what seems to be a large majority of people, what’s scarier than Halloween, is their current restricted lives and financial situations. Now I am not talking to those that are satisfied with their current situation. You may not be or have not been, in a situation of financial strife, joblessness, or even a desire to be anywhere else in your life. You settle for comfort and the ( illusion) of security.

How is Finances Linked to being Scarier than Halloween?

Well, take a deep, introspective look at where you are at now, where you were a year ago, even five years ago…and then look to a year from now and 5 years from now.  Are you where you want to be? on the path? Or do you keep falling into your comfort zone…no matter how uncomfortable it is?

Addictions, habits, bad patterning in say, choosing partners, but most of all, what we do in business, many times stems from deep rooted neuro-pathways we aren’t even aware of.  Even after reading self help books, scouring the internet, buying courses etc. , you keep doing what you have been doing. Watch a movie called “What in the ‘Bleep’ do We Know” touches on why we have such deep routed paths. It isn’t close to being scarier than Halloween movies that are out, but it really makes you think.

scarier than halloween The alternate path can be scarier than Halloween.

It may depend where you are at in your life right now, and you don’t think much about this. But generally if you are in a blog like this or similar, you have been scouring the internet for ways to change your life.  Maybe you bounce from job to job, never quite finding where you fit.  Or you have a great job and SHOULD be satisfied, but you aren’t.  You work too many hours and when you really think about it,  though you may be saving for the future, you aren’t enjoying  much of it now. Yet we just settle, until a wrench gets thrown in the mix.

The ‘Scarier than Halloween” part? You’ve been ‘let go’ from your ‘secure’ job, secure ‘benefits’ and 2 weeks free time the company ‘gives’ you.  Yes, this is the business model and the standard way most of us are conditioned to accept, and majority work with, whether we like it or not. It will continue this way as it is what makes things function.  But it is those with a driving, innate  entrepreneurial spirit, who are not happy with this model.

The thing is, I haven’t had the above happen to me, yet I hear about it all the time.  What has made me pursue a different path, is the ‘what ifs ? ” . What if I crash in one of my bike races? Get hit by a car? My wife has complications with the birth of our baby…heck, the time off to help with the baby. Even with money saved and insurance and such, many have been thrown into financial ruin because of one single event.

But it Doesn’t Have to be Scarier than resorts network

There are those of us out there that have ventured onto a new path and are eager to help others do the same.

I have ulterior motives for following an entrepreneurial path as well which is simply time freedom. Though still work is involved, a business model based on leveraged income, multiple streams, automated systems, and benefits from doing something one time working for you over and over…appeals to me more.  I had spent a few winters while pursuing bike racing, where we simply lived on little, and trained most of the day. Though I had little money, it was some of my happiest memories. Some would say, “ya, you were young then, those times are gone” ….why? Sure, if I continue following the accepted model of work for someone else all day building their free time.

As more holidays approach and then into a New Year, maybe it is time to assess where you are at or where you want to be. I attended an event this weekend and met many people who are where I want to be. What was scarier than Halloween to me…the knock in the head I still wasn’t fully engaged in my own path to achive this.

That said, stay tuned for I will be posting something I am working on, and if you are at a point in your life where you are ready to make a change, this just might be of interest to you.

Have a great Halloween!

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Video Marketing Tools

Helpful Video Marketing Toolsvideo marketing

Video marketing tools can help professionalize your appearance when using video marketing as one of your methods for creating traffic to your site.  These are by all means not required and many marketers probably don’t see the need for them as people many times are more attracted to the “real” person behind the camera., not to the fanciness of the production.

Video marketing can be very powerful with the plethora of avenues to post and the return on efforts done one time. I placed a video below using some of these video marketing tools.

I don’t know the statistics of those that are attracted to more professional video content over the average joe looking ones. But an example is when Jonathan Budd released his Unstoppable Entrepreneur. He had a bit more put into that than the video of someone sitting holed up in their ” home office” with a table lamp in their face. I’m sure it was a bit more impacting. But there are countless others doing just fine without the thousands spent on such a project. He didn’t start that way.

Video Marketing Tools – cameras, software, accessorieschris aarhus video marketing

Some of the video marketing tools used are:

  • Laptop pre-installed camera
  • hand held point and shoot camera
  • Full HD cameras that shoot video
  • video editing software
  • extra accessories- lavalier Mic , arm extender, tripods

The most common video marketing tool most use when first starting out is simply the built in camera on their desktop or laptop.  These days, most of these cameras are quite good for getting the personal video message across. You simply use the installed capture software and talk away. Many hardly spend the time editing it and just post, and they built their business with this simplest of video marketing.

See,  the ‘average’ online home based business seeker relates to this simplicity and can feel more confident to venture into video marketing seeing as they don’t really need to buy a lot of equipment to get started.

A handheld point and shoot video camera– These are smaller, generally less expensive than full DV cameras. There are many manufacturers, with the Flip  being most recognizable.  You can of course google and research them individually.  I looked them up on CNet.  Now, I ended up with a Toshiba Camileo because it had an LCD screen that flipped backwards so I could see what I was filming.

though now they have their Flip version

Problem was I found out I wished it had an external mic plug. This is what the Kodak Zi8 has. It can cost a bit more than the Flip unless you dig a bit. Then getting a simple corded external mic from RadioShack and it does great for those ‘testimonials’ you get when attending live events ( which can really boost your video marketing efforts!). Learned that at an event from Mia Davies

Ok enough about those. I will only touch on the more expensive cameras ( uh, $3k and up) which would be like a Canon 5d or 7d type camera professional photographers use. They come with ability for super high HD and though I have used my wife’s, I spent way too much time converting, editing and such because of the size of the file ( at least for my laptop).

Tip: it doesn’t have to be perfect…though I still struggle with this one since there are so many things to do with software!

Which brings me to the next part. Editing.  Most computers come with simple editing software. You may not have a green screen or picture in picture capability..but again, do you really need to do all that for your video marketing? No. Cut a few parts to clean it up and go. You can even trim from the front and back after you upload in youtube’s online editing.

Other than that, there is some inexpensive software from Corel VideoStudio Pro or others. Get last year’s release for less $$. Ranges for software is $39 to $400+(totally unnecessary). But like I said, most that come with the computer are adequate.

Lastly, a few accessories you can get over time for your video marketing, but again are not required: a wireless lavalier microphone, an arm extender , , and a small tripod( I love the GorrillaPod magnetic.)  I made a little vid below that shows some of these. If not using earphones, you might not be able to tell the difference in sound quality ( that ‘hollow’, bathroom sound.

The wireless mic is simply better quality sound. But the camera has to have an external mic input and to save time audio editing, get a stereo plug adapter ( $3)  to get two channels L/R.

So I hope you this has given you some ideas on what to use for your video marketing. There is training for video marketing and much more when you choose to use this system for your marketing efforts, take a test drive and see what they have to offer.

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Network Marketing Success- a marathon not a sprint

Looking for Network Marketing Success ? Then you better understand, it takes time, not matter what, and a sharp learning curve. As I am also a triathlon and running coach, I find that when working with people, one of the harder things to get people to understand when moving up from the shorter distances to the longer distances, is that the training is different, and it takes more time.

Network Marketing Success – It is NOT “get rich quick”   network marketing success

If you come into the industry with thoughts of being able to retire or quit your day job after your first month in the biz, you better think again. I’m not saying this network marketing success doesn’t happen, but that time frame is not the norm. Though you do hear network marketing success stories of people making thousands a month, a week , and even days, there is a behind the scenes time frame of struggle for most of them to achieve that network marketing success.

There are people that feel disenchanted by the industry and network marketing success,  because they did not achieve the network marketing success as quick as they were hoping. Placing them into a desperation mindset and then quitting all together. But just like the runner who after finishing their first 5k, can’t really fathom they could do a marathon, it is simply because they don’t look at the fact that it will take more miles, more months, more lifestyle changes, more sacrifice….to get what they want.

As I was heading up to pick up my son from school, I had just gotten off a FB chat with a friend about the similarities in what I have done the past 20 years and how it applies a bit to network marketing success.


Many that have made it might slowly forget some of the little steps they did because it was long ago, or , as the way the internet world goes, things  change what seems like daily. I chose to go with someone , Michelle Pescosolido, who I saw was rising fast in her network marketing success, and doing things with current methods.    network marketing success

So sometimes it might be best to work with someone on the way up, when the time is there to work with you and really get you going.  Training for the marathon takes some more insight, thought, preparation, and a don’t quit mentality same as your journey to network marketing success!. The sprint, you just take off, go hard, and be done, unfortunately similar to  some people’s experience after they sign that line to get started in a company.

Take care and share if this was what you needed to hear today. We all go through the ups and downs on the journey!

network marketing success





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What are Hashtags ( #) on Twitter Feeds?

what are hashtagsWhat are hashtags? Well, after getting a tweet from him , I decided to check in on a friend of mine, Sean Croxton of, to see when his e-book ” The Dark Side of Fat Loss” was going to be released.  See, Sean tweets a lot and one of the few I have coming to my phone directly ( I don’t see half the tweeters I  auto-follow ) and I would see the ” #  ” and some word after it. I know I had looked it up before wondering what are hashtags, but didn’t think much of it at the time.

Receiving a Tweet then wondering what are hashtags people place in there ?

I basically went back to simply Googling ” What are Hashtags” and went straight to the source, Twitter.  Now, I am of course trying to focus on one method at a time in marketing right now which is Facebook learning from Michelle Pescosolido, and trying not to get involved in another avenue, so I didn’t want to get too involved as I don’t fully use twitter in this venture. The account I have is mostly followed by other athletes and then being on autofollow I have a zillion marketers in there clogging it up with tweets every 2 minutes.  But the info I got about what are hashtags intrigued me.

According to twitter’s Definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages . I think that is as far as I read last time. But this time I read on.

What are Hashtags beneficial for? : helping you find interesting Tweets

Or in our case..helping others find your information that you have posted about, when you simply tweet about it as well. See, if you post a blog post, then let your followers know with a tweet. But generally you have shortened the URL to get it to fit, which probably won’t show up in a search. But if you throw a # xyz in there at the end…then when someone is doing a search for said could help it show up.

More from the Twitter site:

  • People use the hashtag symbol # before relevant keywords in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets to show more easily in Twitter Search.
  • Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message shows you all other Tweets in that category.
  • Hashtags can occur anywhere in the Tweet.
  • Hashtagged words that become very popular are often Trending Topics.

Recommendation being no more than 3 “#” tags per tweet so don’t spam and over tag posts. An example if you were to throw a quick tweet out would maybe be   ” Ranking Dropped? Possible Reasons Why And How To Fix It at  #BlogTalkRadio #BlogRanking ”  Now I am not the best at keywording and such yet, but if someone does searches for Blog Talk Radio posts they might stumble upon my friend Clint Butler’s post above. But maybe more targeted is someone looking for blog ranking info.

So now you know a bit about what are hashtags and it wouldn’t take long to throw a tweet out ( there is some auto posting sites out there) here and there with #keyword in there for another little bit having floating around on the net.  Some other tips can be found from Sherilynn “Cheri” Macale

If you find this what are hashtags info useful, share it as always and comment on what else you are working on. Like I said, I am not fully in the know on twitter as a marketing tool yet. Most of what I have is from messing with it prior to starting in network marketing.

What are Hashtags




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Focus on Strengths or Weaknesses ?

Have you ever heard someone say focus on strengths or weaknesses ? Which one should we spend time on?  I looked around and you can get probably a balanced amount of people siding with each.  As a triathlon coach this question leans towards the work on the weaknesses. There are 3 events, swimming, cycling,  and running ( well 4 if you include transition time between events as time can be made here as well) and to be great at only one, does not guarantee a good placing and balanced event.

Focus on strengths or weaknesses -different views  focus on strengths or weaknesses

To qualify for World Championships in triathlon, I had to balance out my stronger cycling background. Online, the opposite may be more effective over the long haul.  Most say pick what you know, and run with it.  With the plethora of information,  product launches, techniques and methods of generating income and traffic online, it is easy to get caught up in trying to learn it all in the beginning.  I found myself, and still occasionally guilty of, trying to do it all.  I look at what someone has done on their blog or marketing, and continually I ignore that they didn’t set it up that way in a weekend.

I am of course not taught to do it this way.  Pick one thing, master it, THEN move on. Now that doesn’t mean in the process of focus on strengths or weaknesses you don’t do a little bit of everything.  You still establish some form of a blog, make some video’s, and get out there on the social media sites.  You just might not have all the info to monetize your video posts if you are focusing on the blog. Or your blog might not have all the links working or you aren’t posting everyday as you concentrate on getting your videos traffic.

Focus on strengths or weaknesses and each one will happen over time. Focus on the strength of the video marketing and it will get faster and faster as you learn to shoot in less takes, get more comfortable in front of the camera, get quicker at editing ( since you are out of the process of learning while producing!) and posting.  Then, while continually benefiting from those videos floating around, you pick the next thing to work on.

Outsourcing helps to focus on strengths or weaknesses

Many are in the position to outsource those things which they are weak on.  Instead of spending the time to learn how to what is most difficult for you, have someone else do it for you.  You could even have someone in your team that is getting a little more established and trade some extra time of yours in exchange for them doing the things you don’t want to spend the time deciphering.

This is difficult for the analytical people like myself, or control freaks who don’t want to relinquish tasks to others for fear they won’t be done to their standards. It really makes for some unproductive time.  Now, if money is truly the object ( you still need to equate time vs. dollars) then you have to not get discouraged over the time it takes to build your business because you will be doing many things yourself and thus your curve will be a bit longer.

Now on a personal level though, outsourcing has it limitations.  You may be able to buy a personal trainer, but you really can’t pay them to make you healthy. You can’t pay someone to enjoy your leisure time for you, manage your family, or keep your mind sharp. When you can’t easily outsource, then your weaknesses hurt you. Meaning, the entrepreneur still has to have some overall basic skills.

If you build like a business, then you will reinvest what you first start to profit with, into outsourcing, simplifying and using systems.  Isn’t the primary goal some level of time freedom? Driving hard what you know you can do, and being patient with and putting aside some of the things you don’t, might in the long run produce a better result.

Decide what you are going to focus on, master it, then move on.  I hope this inspires you to think a bit about whether you are spinning your wheels or need to crack down on a little concrete direction. It isn’t easy and there will still be some ups and downs.

focus on strengths or weaknesses






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Network Marketing Income the Best Choice?

Is Network Marketing Income the best choice for income for you?  I sure seem to be reassured of the path I have chosen many times as I work with my personal training clients each day. It is amazing the amount of work some of the businessmen I train put into projects with a projected return that seems pale in comparison to what with the same kind of work and planning and execution, could bring in the network marketing income business model.

One of my clients that I have had off and on for 5 years or so has been on the same business project this whole time. It is an invention/start up and has had it’s general roadblocks and setbacks. Now I don’t really know what the financial benefit will be when it ever fully takes hold, but it sure seems like a lot of wasted time spent on endless conference calls, miscommunication, multiple parties involved and negotiations. His second project is in another country and involves much government regulation and red tape as well as money going who knows where to get things done.

I have others in the land development business that have really had it tough since 2009. Other people that I assumed were doing fine ( I’m not cheap to train with! ) all of a sudden have to drop out to regroup their finances. Training is many times considered a luxury expense so it along with, say, massage, are the first to get cut.

Another friend, who independently from his home built himself to top 10 mortgage brokers in his city ( though I don’t know the whole story behind this I’ll admit)  had to venture out of the self employed world. Lost jobs left and right, college degrees going unused. Yes, it is looking pretty grim out there.

So is Network Marketing Income right for you? It really all depends.

No matter the possibilities of network marketing income,  many will never choose to come off the fence.  Whether this be due to negativity towards the industry,  their own lack of vision, or because they have never met anybody that actually did survive long enough to make substantial income.

Maybe choosing network marketing income in today’s economy doesn’t seem wise. This industry actually thrives during times like this.  The internet has only helped this increase as more and more go there to look for ways to make an income.

What the rise in the jobless is actually doing though is driving people onto the internet looking for something else. As I had mentioned in another post, I decided to take some steps to get out of the roller coaster of  a job I currently have. It is a sea of information and of course a lot of deception and crap out there too. Ever hear of ‘cash gifting’ ? I would get lost for hours watching vids of people ripping open FedEx envelopes with cash pouring out that people ‘gifted’ to them. I passed on that one.

I can not access a link from my broken computer from a blog post I had come across  about the downfalls of network marketing, but  I’ll briefly cover the writers view.  He stated basically because of the generally known high failure rate of the Multi-Level Marketing and network marketing income model, that you would be better off with the traditional methods going back to school or buying a franchise. Really? a franchise? Talk to some that have done both and they will probably tell you franchising isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

But chances are the network marketing income approach to financial freedom isn’t going to be for you. Contrary to what most of the ads that lead you down this path say, it isn’t easy. Simple, in the grand scheme of things, but it takes hard work and persistence. Now, if you are following the traditional methods exclusively for introducing your opportunity you may be having a difficult time. We run out of those prospects quickly. And if you didn’t happen to find your ‘shining star’ in that first go around, then you are now desperate for leads. See, not everyone wants to work for a network marketing income.

So, if you are on the fence about pursuing a network marketing income, get in contact with me. There are a few avenues to pursue and ways to use the internet to get leads from people that are looking to do what you do.






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Pruning Your Business?

What?  What do you mean pruning your business? Well, interestingly enough, in church yesterday the message was about pruning. They of course were talking about life in general and how to eliminate the things that hold you back in life and your relationship with the Lord.

Pruning your business has nothing to do with horticulture.

We aren’t talking gardening here. There are three steps here: Pruning, Focus, and Enjoy. Not to get all biblical here, but the idea is from John 15:1-12. From 2- “He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.”

Now in life  and business we may look at this as eliminating the negative people in our lives.  We must also look at those that are maybe negative towards the journey you have chosen in network marketing. We have to assess, do the people that surround us ‘inspire’ us or ‘expire’ us.  In other words, do the people you surround yourself with foster growth in your business, or do they cloud your vision towards a different life than the “exchange of time for dollars” mentality?

This is part of pruning your business. Cutting back on what is not in complete unison with your vision, so as to allow you to fully focus on what you are trying to achieve. In grape production, the pruning of the vines allows the grapes to grow bigger and sweeter.

Pruning your business could also entail then some sacrificing  of the things you might need to in building a new business. If you are still working your current job while embarking on a residual journey, then this will probably entail sleep, social, recreational, and even some family time.

I had purchased a small course from Tim Sales a year or so ago that had info about how he built his business big. He worked full time, so he assessed where all his other time was spent. Began timing how long he took on lunch breaks, where he spent his free time, and if it didn’t equate to being a benefit to his business, he cut it out.
Never Hear the Pyramid Objection Again!
Now we all hear about balance in life. However, a temporary imbalance may be necessary for a period of time, for the greater benefit of the outcome. Tim talked of missing weekend 4 hour bike rides with his triathlon buddies. This hit home with me because this is what I had decided to do as well.  One of the main goals of me embarking on the network marketing  journey was the ” time freedom’ aspect. I then figured putting my training and racing on the back burner for a season, in the long run will actually benefit me as I would be able to train with more time freedom and recover better with more resources for massage and best quality food etc.

Now in pruning your business, I didn’t want to lose too much, but I curtailed my athletic lifestyle considerably. This brings us to the second part of the pruning your business process which is what this elimination then allows…Focus.

See, in pruning your business, and eliminating distractions, allows us to focus more on what is necessary. See, I was doing exactly what Tim Sales was doing. When I was working I was thinking about the business, when I was riding and running, I was thinking about the business, yet when I was working the business..I was thinking of riding and running and working.  If I had a race entered coming up, I just didn’t want to put off the training. If I was on the internet, I felt I should be at the club prospecting for clients…since that’s what was still paying the bills.

Now, all this pruning your business, thus allowing more focus, then is supposed to lead to what? Enjoyment. Simply, the outcome of what you started as an entrepreneur, in a business model a bit different than other entrepreneural models, is the ability to enjoy what the pruning your business, allowing more focus, should provide, the ability to enjoy your time to do what you would rather be doing. For me it was my passions of training, and racing , and coaching others to achieve great things as well, yet without it taking such a toll on the family or my health.

So there you have it. Pruning your business, allow yourself more focus on the tasks necessary (Lead Generation) , to then enjoy the fruits of your labor.

What are some things you feel you need to do in pruning your business? What are you allowed to focus on? Share below in the comments section. While you are at it, share what you would enjoy when you make it to that place of time freedom that you seek!





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