Short Setting up a Blog Instructions

Setting up a Blog isn’t as hard as it may seem

BUT, I guess that depends on where you are at in this whole process of setting up a blog and starting your online presence, and where you are coming from. Some people are just solvers and they can get a little instruction here and there and figure stuff out.  Not always the most efficient way, but gets it done none the less. setting up a blog

I had to watch a step by step video..and then it had been so long since I touched it once I set it up..I forgot it all again. I have a post I did when setting up a blog, about placing a click-able picture that doesn’t have a HTML code attached yet.  I  had to refer back to it because I kept missing a step when attempting to do it again.

Just Follow the Steps when Setting up a Blog

They are all over the internet. Try to look for a more recent one. In this case,  a zillion views since 2008 might seem the one to watch, but the info could easily be outdated now.  There are even small, what are called ‘Caffeine Products’ out there ( low cost by people a step ahead of you) that save you the time of sifting through a few hundred sites looking for the most current one.  Even then, after setting up a blog, you will need some help with working with WordPress… it never seems to go together like it is supposed to.

Setting up a Blog Doesn’t Have to be Perfect the First Time

Don’t get hung up ( umm…like I did) on having it all complete before working on your lead generation. The setting up a blog is a process and it will evolve over time. I have gotten in a few ‘guru’ sites who’s links are broken ( some of mine arent even done yet) A pretty blog will be nothing without traffic and your business nothing without calling your leads generated.

Here is a quick vid of the ultra basics of what you will be doing.


  • Getting a WordPress. ORG not .COM account
  • Get a Godaddy account
  • Buy a domain name
  • Either Host it with Godaddy or with Hostgator
  • transfer DNS server names directing Godaddy to Hostgator
  • Install Fantastico in Hostgator
  • Pick and install a  Theme paid or free  FlexiThemes
  • Install some widgets and plugins to help optimize the site like SEOPressor

This really goes back to why working with the system I use is so beneficial. Each step necessary to get your presence online is in that back office. Not just the building a website part, but everything else you could possibly need ( other than a little guiding hand )

Give it a 2week test drive before going and buying a bunch of training individually. Click MLSP and just Get Taught Marketing!


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