Live the Dream Event- Orlando, Florida

This year will be my first attendance to the Live the Dream Event, this year held in Orlando, FL.  After attending this year’s No Excuses II Summit event as my first exposure to the many internet marketers out there, I can’t wait to attend another event!

Just like I was told, get to live events. I am amazed at how many people I saw or met that I had at some point come across  on the internet in my hours of searching for how to work in this industry. Now since then I see how intertwined and networked they all are, which is what helps them progress up the financial ladder…networking.

I was also told that you should come away from live events with at least one wealth building nugget of information.  Being the information overload guy that I am, I was definitely overwhelmed.  However, I did come away with a nugget of information as well as a connection to a mentor that has finally put me on the path to the freedom I have been searching for.

I have always thought that the best way to maximize income and time freedom is going to be through the internet as one of the primary avenues. The reach of the internet is just too far. The problem, navigating through all the crap, from true pyramid schemes, cash gifting ( ponzi) and just plain rip offs. Attending quality events like Live the Dream Event- Orlando, Florida is just one of the necessary steps.

Now, there are many I am sure that claim they are ripped off simply because they haven’t fully applied what they were taught. I am sure there is a high percentage of those ( and it is just part of the statistics) that purchase a course..and skim through it, then go back to the life they were trying to get out of.  I personally have at least 4 programs I dished out for that are still sitting here. However, going to an event like Live the Dream Event- Orlando, Florida is precisely for teaching you what you should be doing with that information and what those that have made it over the hump apply.

The impressions we are given as newbies is how easy this biz is.  While it may be simplistic in nature, the application has a steep learning curve. We don’t really see the months and sometimes years people have put in, only the success. The less money you have, the more hours you are going to be putting in to get rolling. Simple as that. Get rich quick? I think not.  Make more money overall and in a much shorter time than the average person, definitely doable, because it has been done.

So why an event like Live the Dream? Because it simply is another exposure to something or someone that could just be that next breakthrough in your journey to being able to truely pursue your passions, that are snuffed out by living a default lifestyle that you drag yourself through day after day because we are programmed that that is just the way it is.

Now who are we talking about that is so important to see?

Well, this year’s speakers have yet to be announced. But guarantee after the success of last year’s Live the Dream Event, they will rock this one out too.  Last year included such speakers as:

Mike Dillard –  Magnetic Sponsoring CEO who said:

“This was by far the most impactful online marketing event I’ve ever attended. Not only was the production quality spectacular, but the training, the connections, and the value from the speakers will really ‘Change the Game’ for you if you apply it in your business.”

David Wooda rags to riches top recruiter and MLSP master

“There’s no more of a perfect title than ‘Live the Dream’ for the event put on by the boys at MLSP. That amount of education compressed into a couple of days is INSANE! An off the charts, rocking event!”

Todd FalconeMaster Prospector

“The “Live the Dream” event absolutely amazed me! I personally walked away with 3 separate ideas that have each added $50,000 per year to my business, and I was a speaker!”

So follow the  link below to this year’s Live the Dream Event-Orlando, Florida and stay updated on ticket availability and most likely I’ll throw in some bonuses if you buy your tickets through me and I will see you coming along for the ride to a new life!

Live the Dream Event- Orlando, Florida

In case you missed last year’s event and are eager to start learning before attending this year go HERE.


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