How Do I Compete Against the Established Marketers?

So, “How do I compete against the established marketers?”, or as it was asked , against someone who has 1+ years of blog content already? That was a question asked tonight on a webinar I listened to with Ray Higdon on the MLSP weekly webinar. Since the topic comes up often about how do I generate leads after I have burned through my friends and family, the solution I found was to head to the Internet. After all, why not market and talk to people that are LOOKING for opportunity and information? Not sifting through people that don’t know or aren’t open to a different avenue than trading time for dollars.

Ray Higdon offers many tips and industry information on his near daily updated blog and thinking you are supposed to be ‘competing’ against him is the totally wrong mindset.   I would say that is just akin to saying I started playing golf last can I ever beat Tiger Woods? Or in my case, I have clients I train for triathlon and they don’t understand how after a year they still aren’t as fast as I am with my 20+ years of riding and competing.

The thing is, he started somewhere ( while at the time…someone else had more traffic than him.)  But he did what many won’t do, which is posting something every day for, well, until now I believe.  The competition isn’t against Ray, but rather against your own discipline to do what is necessary.  Hearing that some 30,000 blogs are started every day, your goal is traffic to your site and original content is one of those criteria.  The internet and its use by people searching for alternate income sources is so abundant, there is no need to worry about connecting  to people. it just takes some time.

So I answered the gentleman’s question in the FB forum it was posted in with a bit of what I wrote above.  Seeing what I wrote I had to step back and say, well, that’s exactly what I used to think as well. How do I compete against the established marketers. See, it goes back to when I was in school and I would take that years math book ( trig, geometry or whatever) and I would flip to the back of the book.  Then I would get all overwhelmed and wonder how was I ever going to learn this?! Well, one chapter at a time and by the end of the school know more than when you started.

This is the same thing. There is so much to learn in internet marketing and the learning curve is steep. Many people feel pressured to learn it quickly as they are generally in a desperate position financially, thus why they came searching in the first place.  Then you can get stuck as I was for months, trying to learn it all and not doing anything.  The virtual student. All while watching others progress by just starting and not worrying if it is perfect, thus being months ahead in their content.

Having something like My Lead System Pro provides such a data base of information, all in one convenient location, that you can get lost and caught up in it. But if you just follow the trainings step by step like they say ( because they’ve been there) and just get started, you can be a part of an industry that you can start earning while going to school, rather than after you get out, with an income potential to far exceed the average income of a college degree ( and that is if you even end up in the field you studied!)

So how do you compete against the established marketers?  By doing your time, post content and give it more than 2 weeks for something to come of it. Happy blogging!

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