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As I was in the health club today I came across one of my fellow triathletes and the discussion went through the usual talk of training, upcoming races and what would it take to be able to train more and work less to perform better. This especially comes up when it is the Ironman distance ( 2.4 mi swim, 112 bike, marathon ..all in a single day) It has been the crux of many an athlete since I have ever been competing ( some 20+ years) .

I thought at first maybe this was maybe more of an issue in the non-main stream sports that don’t have the benefit of  being a high school to college scholarship type. Then I remembered the talk I had with another member a few days earlier who informed me of the thousands he was putting into his son’s ‘baseball career’.  So how does athlete sponsorships tie in with internet marketing?

Money. Plain and simple. As for it being a mainstream sport or not, doesn’t matter. They are all looking for money. For equipment, travel, training facility access, sports medicine, coaching and on and on. Sure some sports vary in what is required, but the bottom line is money. I have heard stories of the struggling ‘pro’ tennis player living out of the trunk of their car trying to get ranking points.

Not long ago I received the letter that shows up from our governing bodies of Triathlon and Cycling, asking for support for the upcoming Winter Olympic athletes. See, what many don’t realize is the catch 22 of income verses training time. I worked less, I got faster, worked more got slower..generally. I could go into more detail of the variables of sleep and school and discipline etc. But basically that was it.

With the average income of triathletes being listed as 49% white collar incomes of $126,000 I had to think, really? Not any of the guys I hung around!!  Then again, this is the average participant and not generally the top % of competitors who are ‘generally’ working low wage jobs if at all, trying to ‘break through’ . But in conversation, those that are making that kind of money, are the ones that don’t have the time to train properly.

When I was introduced to network marketing and internet marketing, affiliating etc, and seeing the income potential I thought, well, this is the exact solution!  Build income while I sleep normal hours and recover, train during the day, instead of the 4 am  before work squeeze session.  Now those terms may or not not be familiar, but I encourage you to read on!  See, getting in the 15+ hours a week of training brought about it’s own stress. Lack of sleep, balancing family, finances and passions.

This actually applies even if you aren’t some striving athlete really.

You see, I had a taste of the non working, training all the time for a short window in the early 90′s when I actually lived for about 3 months on about $1500. Myself and 4 friends left the bitter winters of Nebraska/Kansas to train in Tucson, AZ. What freedom that was. Then as I got older I fell into the mindset that this is just bumming around and I should fill my day with working hours and play only on the weekends.

I thought being a personal trainer and coach would keep me close. It does, but has it’s own challenges of irregular income, sometimes crazy hours, and of course, trading time for dollars. Only so many hours you can train people…even doing group classes.  The solution, back to leveraged income, passive income, residual,  or even principle-less income..whatever you want to call it. Income that comes in while sleeping.

My thoughts? I had begun digging late nights for hours in the internet world. Started attending events and meeting people behind the websites in person. I came to the conclusion, if it has been done…it CAN be done! But how?

After hearing it many times it finally sunk in. Choose a mentor and do what they did. Implement a system and follow it. Now does this mean get rich quick?  No. But in the 12 years I have done personal training, I was not a whole lot better off, even though I was getting close to 2x the price I charged when I first started off.

Though the process is simple in design, it does have a sharp learning curve and some tech savvy skills.   Unless you have the funds to immediately pay out for the tech stuff ( which is recommended if you can already afford that) then you need guidance and a resource to get you on your way. Massive action is what all the leaders say they had taken, and this should not be confused with busy work as I had done for months.

Those seeking athlete sponsorships need not spend hours scouring through the internet. Merely utilizing proven systems and setting them up on autopilot.  Learning about and implementing a complete sales funnel including capture pages, funded proposal offers that will offset your marketing cost, live training webinars, live chat support, and community of like minded entrepreneurs.

You can either spend the months pouring through the endless funnel systems of others, only to come to the same information I have shared. Or you can just start here, regardless of what company you want to use to build an income that allows you to train full time or simply live a life spending more time with your family, then you need to just go here and get started.

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