Are you Desperate For Leads?

desperate for leadsHave you followed your upline’s advice, gone through your friends and family list, and are now getting desperate for leads?  Maybe you were new to the location you live and that list was really short, fast. You heard the ‘other’ rep signed up 3 people his first week!! But not you. You were all fired up,  made your list and called most all of them…even the ones on your ‘chicken list’ ( the ones you were really afraid to approach) and still, nothing.

You don’t know what you are doing wrong, it is 4 ( or more)  months gone by now and you feel you are running out of time.  Now the first people you talked to are just confirming what they thought in the first place as you sit,  still not making the millions you were so fired up to be getting. After all, all you have to do is ‘share’ your opportunity.

I personally had a subconscious hang up about this and as much as I tried to NOT be focused on the outcome of the invite..I was. I was running out of time, after all, I went this path to make money, not meet a bunch of people I don’t know. Each no was verification that this won’t work. I was told, and I knew, it was a numbers game…but I ran out of numbers really quick. After all, I really didn’t know my mailman, or whether he was tired of being a mailman, unless I simply asked. So if it was numbers, I was desperate for leads!

Attraction Marketing System

I am a personal trainer/Triathlon coach. I had a product that was super unique, you really couldn’t get it in the stores ( it was originally marketed  at GNC/ CVS ) . There was not a version of it, a proprietary blend of it, nothing.  I gave in to the networking model of this because as a FDN ( Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist) practitioner, I had decided I wasn’t going to go the route of trying to help people train for events,  lose weight/ get in shape, through a reliance on artificial foods/shakes/powders convenience foods etc.  I was focusing on REAL foods and REAL repair and function of the body. No shakes? no meal replacement powders? “All you want me to take is this pill?”…Yeah, I became desperate for leads as this was going to be a slow build.

So what does one do when desperate for leads? Go to where the people are…the internet.  You see, like many,when I was first briefly exposed to network marketing in 1998, I failed miserably. ( Full Story here) . Spent 8 months doing ‘busy work’ , placing ads in the paper and spending $$$ ( since my wife would go too) on trainings, and monthly seminars. Drove the 15 hours back to my hometown, talked to a few people and in the end, not a single sign up.  But I wasn’t desperate for leads then. I just quit.  A year later, I claimed bankruptcy. Scary huh?  Well, just bad business practice really is all. Not the biz’s fault.  I still loved the concept completely.

My Lead System Pro = lead generation Attraction Marketing System For those desperate for leads

I didn’t touch the industry for another 12 years..though I watched from the outside with the occasional late night dig through the internet for dirt on the MLM industry. I kept returning to it as I knew I just needed to learn a different way. Then I came across a crazy haired guy doing a slew of webinars and I was mesmerized.  I clicked some links and ended up in this system he was touting as what saved him. Here is a little run through:

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Just Click Here to Start

So, for those desperate for leads, you log in above, check out the system, and if nothing else, learn about Magnetic Sponsoring. This teaches how to have people who are desperate for leads, coming to you for lead generation help, and you will be more prepared how to handle it.

Next post will be on  How to Supplement your MLM business while building it.

desperate for leads

Chris Aarhus

skype: Chris.Aarhus

p.s. Really desperate for leads? A  lead generation tool the “pay per lead” people don’t want you to own (  income potential too) go HERE now!



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