My Story

Hello and welcome!!

Thank you for connecting with me! As a lifetime athlete, I lived for most of my years working just enough simply to sustain my passion.  I had a taste of  both working 3 jobs at a time,  as well as not working much at all,  while pursuing Ironman triathlons and bicycle racing. I would do what I could to get by financially only to do what I loved.

However,  this doesn’t really build a strong financial future or support a family ( really? ) So, after extensive searching, I took into account the trials and tribulations of my personal training clients that owned businesses.

I looked at people that had spent thousands on Ivy league educations.

I observed classmates/co-workers  who were downsized or just plain disgruntled in their jobs, yet just kept “happily?” plugging along.

Finally, I  looked at the instability and limitations of my own trading of time for dollars lifestyle.  I decided what would be the BEST avenue to follow any passion, whether sport or fishing or golf or just traveling and family, was what is called ” Leveraged Income” and the vastness of the internet! It was the most logical.

I went by this thought ” If it’s been done, it can be done ” and I set out to do just that!!

So come along for the ride!

To your true passions, Chris

210- 601-3935

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