Internet Lifestyle Network | Technology Gone Wild Day 4

Internet Lifestyle Network Day 4 of the Video Challenge

Technology gone wild!  So I already ran into a snag, that if I were technically playing the 100 day video challenge , I would already be out by day 3!

I used a new app for the ipad mini. I own no other Apple product, so I didnt realize that you can’t just ‘hook the thing up’ in order to get a video file out if it and edit it a bit.

So of course I waited until the final hour to crank out a video and low and behold… the file wouldn’t show up to export into the video. After a few hours and nodding off to sleep I woke up waaay past the deadline. The next morning the power goes out.

So today’ video is a joint venture with my wife Eydie.  A little fun about how when you need it most…technology fails!  We found out anyway that we are ‘one’ as a team anyway since we are under one account in the Internet Lifestyle Network. Which is nice.  I don’t technically have to do 100 videos..but I am sure going to try anyway!

watch below and comment , like it , share it!  Have a great day!


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