Internet Lifestyle Network 100 Day Video Challenge Day 2

Ok, I know it says Day 2 but there isn’t a Day 1 post because, well, it was late when we shot this video last night when we first heard of the whole Internet Lifestyle Network 100 Day Video Challenge.  The Co-Founder of ILN, Vincent Ortega Jr. put out a challenge to help boost people’s business and nudge some personal growth.

For me, the Internet Lifestyle Network 100 Day video challenge was harder to start for me than anticipated.  I have done video for my coaching site but those were tutorials about topics I have been around for most of my life.  It was amazing to see in myself, the total relapse into how I went through my first few years of college before eventually choosing a different path ( ok..dropping out right!?)

I have done Google Hangouts now, and other internet tutorials… but this was different. The more I analyzed ( because that is what I do.another trait that needs to be curbed) the more frozen in the action I became. I did exactly this in college.  I would over think so much about these school projects, only to stress myself into inaction, and in the end, not turn in anything.

So as the final hour approached to turn in the day’s video, and true to my luck, my 20 month old decides at 11:30pm to get up…for a few hours. My procrastination once again biting me in the butt.

So here is day 2 of the video challenge.  If you have any questions go ahead and reach out to me/us.


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