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Video marketing tools can help professionalize your appearance when using video marketing as one of your methods for creating traffic to your site.  These are by all means not required and many marketers probably don’t see the need for them as people many times are more attracted to the “real” person behind the camera., not to the fanciness of the production.

Video marketing can be very powerful with the plethora of avenues to post and the return on efforts done one time. I placed a video below using some of these video marketing tools.

I don’t know the statistics of those that are attracted to more professional video content over the average joe looking ones. But an example is when Jonathan Budd released his Unstoppable Entrepreneur. He had a bit more put into that than the video of someone sitting holed up in their ” home office” with a table lamp in their face. I’m sure it was a bit more impacting. But there are countless others doing just fine without the thousands spent on such a project. He didn’t start that way.

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Some of the video marketing tools used are:

  • Laptop pre-installed camera
  • hand held point and shoot camera
  • Full HD cameras that shoot video
  • video editing software
  • extra accessories- lavalier Mic , arm extender, tripods

The most common video marketing tool most use when first starting out is simply the built in camera on their desktop or laptop.  These days, most of these cameras are quite good for getting the personal video message across. You simply use the installed capture software and talk away. Many hardly spend the time editing it and just post, and they built their business with this simplest of video marketing.

See,  the ‘average’ online home based business seeker relates to this simplicity and can feel more confident to venture into video marketing seeing as they don’t really need to buy a lot of equipment to get started.

A handheld point and shoot video camera– These are smaller, generally less expensive than full DV cameras. There are many manufacturers, with the Flip  being most recognizable.  You can of course google and research them individually.  I looked them up on CNet.  Now, I ended up with a Toshiba Camileo because it had an LCD screen that flipped backwards so I could see what I was filming.

though now they have their Flip version

Problem was I found out I wished it had an external mic plug. This is what the Kodak Zi8 has. It can cost a bit more than the Flip unless you dig a bit. Then getting a simple corded external mic from RadioShack and it does great for those ‘testimonials’ you get when attending live events ( which can really boost your video marketing efforts!). Learned that at an event from Mia Davies

Ok enough about those. I will only touch on the more expensive cameras ( uh, $3k and up) which would be like a Canon 5d or 7d type camera professional photographers use. They come with ability for super high HD and though I have used my wife’s, I spent way too much time converting, editing and such because of the size of the file ( at least for my laptop).

Tip: it doesn’t have to be perfect…though I still struggle with this one since there are so many things to do with software!

Which brings me to the next part. Editing.  Most computers come with simple editing software. You may not have a green screen or picture in picture capability..but again, do you really need to do all that for your video marketing? No. Cut a few parts to clean it up and go. You can even trim from the front and back after you upload in youtube’s online editing.

Other than that, there is some inexpensive software from Corel VideoStudio Pro or others. Get last year’s release for less $$. Ranges for software is $39 to $400+(totally unnecessary). But like I said, most that come with the computer are adequate.

Lastly, a few accessories you can get over time for your video marketing, but again are not required: a wireless lavalier microphone, an arm extender , , and a small tripod( I love the GorrillaPod magnetic.)  I made a little vid below that shows some of these. If not using earphones, you might not be able to tell the difference in sound quality ( that ‘hollow’, bathroom sound.

The wireless mic is simply better quality sound. But the camera has to have an external mic input and to save time audio editing, get a stereo plug adapter ( $3)  to get two channels L/R.

So I hope you this has given you some ideas on what to use for your video marketing. There is training for video marketing and much more when you choose to use this system for your marketing efforts, take a test drive and see what they have to offer.

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