Friday Quick tips- Network Marketing Road Blocks- enough to make you quit?

Network Marketing Road Blocks. You have either experienced them, or you are going to, simple as that.  Was it, or is it going to be what will make you quit? That’s too bad. Many a times you might be like this…pulling your hair with a big ol “That’s it!!” I can’t figure this stuff out,. I don’t know how to start a blog, I don’t know how to set up a web address, wait I have a web address but it doesn’t exist.. HOSTing? What’s that!?! The guy that signed me up quit. I can’t get a hold of anyone. On top of that my car died, refrigerator needs a new compressor and work is noticing my lack of sleep from staring at the computer all night. Now I am out of money, I guess I am out!

My Recent Network Marketing Road Blocks

This may be something you have gone through ( yet you are back here looking again…ah the entrepreneur in you never dies…) or are going Network Marketing Road Blocksthrough ( maybe for months..years) or, are about to go through at some point.  Most network marketers will go through some sort of hardship.   Some say the story seems the same, college drop out, 1 year to millionaire.  Homeless man starts a multi-million dollar biz after selling his shoe strings. But it happens. But did these network marketing road blocks stop them? No.

I say this because this evening I was taking some action steps necessary. But I ran into one thing after another starting with problems arising from my laptop connecting with the floor earlier today.                              —- —->

I lose files that I need, video editing software, and other items. I am back on an older computer I have and at least getting

my post out for the day. Did I get a little stressed? Yes, but I know I can work around it and just press on and tomorrow I’ll get it figured out.

The thing is, many of the top players, all had trials and tribulations. Many dropping in and out of the industry trying to figure it out.  The point is though, they didn’t quit and came back to it. Each person has a different learning curve, different connection to a mentor ( if any) and a system that either helps or hinders them.

In a TV interview with a top income earner in probably the most globally know Network company,  this man answered the question as to why he was successful and didn’t have a garage full of products. He simply answered ” I just didn’t quit”.  So, of the network marketing road blocks you might come across, there are some mindsets you need to have to get through these.

  • Do what you say you are going to do. Good intentions and no action gets you nowhere.
  • It takes TIME! Contrary to how the presentations make it sound, this industry is not a get rich quick method.  In the grand scheme of things, yes it can be quicker to unfathomable incomes over the standard job route.
  • Money- we are all in different situations. And the true business person only looks at solutions, not focuses on the problem.
  • Circumstances in life come up. You may get frustrated when a wrench is thrown in there, but it too shall pass.
  • Take it a step at a time. Pick the task and complete it. Don’t look at the back of the text book, just go chapter by chapter.
  • Remind yourself of your personal why to keep yourself on track. Drive that ‘why’ into every part of you and it will get you through.

I will continue to work around my network marketing roadblocks, and I will not quit. There is too much to attain and too many people that need the help I want to provide to them so they can live a more abundant life..and in turn help others live a more abundant life…and so on and so on…

Network Marketing Road Blocks






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