Friday Quick Tip- Getting the Most When Buying an Info Product or Tool

buying an info product Getting the most when buying an info product might not be a post that someone selling a program or tool wants you to see. But in time, you will come across enough of these that you will soon learn this tactic anyway for getting the most when buying a product to add to your tool box.

Not all products do this, and most will have some sort of up sell after the initial buy. Up-sells are added components that make the initial component a little easier to either automate or track or something else that enhances the original you bought.

Not only are there products that are available 24/7, but there are product ‘launches’  which are generally only open for purchase for a short period of time.  These too have opportunity to get high value if you look beyond the initial buy.

SO, How do you get the most when buying an info product ?

Don’t buy on the first sales page. See first if there is a pop up for trying to leave the page. ” WAIT, DON’T GO”  kinda thing.
You will then be given either:

  • a lower price- though this is a little more rare these days
  • a payment plan- to split the cost ( though watch these as sometimes a % is added on there for the ‘convenience’  factor
  • extra bonuses- some product or ad-on that,  though possibly out dated, is thrown in for free
  • access to some private site or something

and for the limited launch products- buying an info product can get some sweet deals

  • this can go both ways- but generally benefit from the ‘first buyer’ rush that usually gets fast action bonuses and a reduced price. Marketers allot themselves x sales that go to action takers.
  • otherwise, wait till last minute and sometimes, depending on sales, even more bonuses are added for the “on the fence” and procrastinators ( they will retro them back to the fast action takers if there is a gripe)

This could go on for 2 or 3 attempts to leave the page, with each time getting better. Depends on how much price there is to play with.

So there  is your Friday Quick Tip- Getting the Most When Buying an Info Product or tool.


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