Scarier than Halloween?

What Could Be Scarier than Halloween?  scarier than Halloween

Well, if you are like what seems to be a large majority of people, what’s scarier than Halloween, is their current restricted lives and financial situations. Now I am not talking to those that are satisfied with their current situation. You may not be or have not been, in a situation of financial strife, joblessness, or even a desire to be anywhere else in your life. You settle for comfort and the ( illusion) of security.

How is Finances Linked to being Scarier than Halloween?

Well, take a deep, introspective look at where you are at now, where you were a year ago, even five years ago…and then look to a year from now and 5 years from now.  Are you where you want to be? on the path? Or do you keep falling into your comfort zone…no matter how uncomfortable it is?

Addictions, habits, bad patterning in say, choosing partners, but most of all, what we do in business, many times stems from deep rooted neuro-pathways we aren’t even aware of.  Even after reading self help books, scouring the internet, buying courses etc. , you keep doing what you have been doing. Watch a movie called “What in the ‘Bleep’ do We Know” touches on why we have such deep routed paths. It isn’t close to being scarier than Halloween movies that are out, but it really makes you think.

scarier than halloween The alternate path can be scarier than Halloween.

It may depend where you are at in your life right now, and you don’t think much about this. But generally if you are in a blog like this or similar, you have been scouring the internet for ways to change your life.  Maybe you bounce from job to job, never quite finding where you fit.  Or you have a great job and SHOULD be satisfied, but you aren’t.  You work too many hours and when you really think about it,  though you may be saving for the future, you aren’t enjoying  much of it now. Yet we just settle, until a wrench gets thrown in the mix.

The ‘Scarier than Halloween” part? You’ve been ‘let go’ from your ‘secure’ job, secure ‘benefits’ and 2 weeks free time the company ‘gives’ you.  Yes, this is the business model and the standard way most of us are conditioned to accept, and majority work with, whether we like it or not. It will continue this way as it is what makes things function.  But it is those with a driving, innate  entrepreneurial spirit, who are not happy with this model.

The thing is, I haven’t had the above happen to me, yet I hear about it all the time.  What has made me pursue a different path, is the ‘what ifs ? ” . What if I crash in one of my bike races? Get hit by a car? My wife has complications with the birth of our baby…heck, the time off to help with the baby. Even with money saved and insurance and such, many have been thrown into financial ruin because of one single event.

But it Doesn’t Have to be Scarier than resorts network

There are those of us out there that have ventured onto a new path and are eager to help others do the same.

I have ulterior motives for following an entrepreneurial path as well which is simply time freedom. Though still work is involved, a business model based on leveraged income, multiple streams, automated systems, and benefits from doing something one time working for you over and over…appeals to me more.  I had spent a few winters while pursuing bike racing, where we simply lived on little, and trained most of the day. Though I had little money, it was some of my happiest memories. Some would say, “ya, you were young then, those times are gone” ….why? Sure, if I continue following the accepted model of work for someone else all day building their free time.

As more holidays approach and then into a New Year, maybe it is time to assess where you are at or where you want to be. I attended an event this weekend and met many people who are where I want to be. What was scarier than Halloween to me…the knock in the head I still wasn’t fully engaged in my own path to achive this.

That said, stay tuned for I will be posting something I am working on, and if you are at a point in your life where you are ready to make a change, this just might be of interest to you.

Have a great Halloween!

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