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Internet Lifestyle Network Day 5 Video Challenge .. sort of

Tweet Well this is day 5 of the video challenge..but I will say..I will technically have to start my count over again.  I wasn’t going to bring attention to the fact that merely 4 days in and I already missed a day, but then I thought why not? I don’t have the stats yet as […]

Internet Lifestyle Network | Daily Call to Action

Tweet Day 3 of the Internet Lifestyle Network 100 day video Challenge. Something most, if not all, successful entrepreneurs do is have a daily call to action or daily plan of action, whichever you want to call it. But basically, outside of the ever changing tasks you have to do daily , the unexpected Webinar […]

Quick Thought Today

Tweet Ok, so nothing special here to SEO for the search engines, just a thought I had when driving to work this a.m. and my attempt to just post straight to my FB page is costing more time trying to figure out. SO I figured post in here then post in the page. ( It […]

How to Deal with Overwhelm?

Tweet As a person with a highly analytical mind ( weird though as I really didn’t do well in  analysis class in college) I am always looking at the variables and the possible outcomes, the idea possibilities, the “what if’s “, “how does that tie in ? “  of all that I have learned and […]

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