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Short Setting up a Blog Instructions

Tweet Setting up a Blog isn’t as hard as it may seem BUT, I guess that depends on where you are at in this whole process of setting up a blog and starting your online presence, and where you are coming from. Some people are just solvers and they can get a little instruction here […]

Pruning Your Business?

Tweet What?  What do you mean pruning your business? Well, interestingly enough, in church yesterday the message was about pruning. They of course were talking about life in general and how to eliminate the things that hold you back in life and your relationship with the Lord. Pruning your business has nothing to do with […]

Place an Ad To Your Blog- yet using your own picture choice

Tweet If you have ever needed to place an ad to your blog like I did the other day, but the one generated by the company just wasn’t quite going to work out, there is a way around it.  I decided to find out how to put a picture of my choice in and make […]

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