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No Money ? Well, SOMEBODY is making money

Tweet The Cry of Many- No Money Well, no money for one end of the income spectrum. Earlier this week in the USA Today Money section,  in a small blurb,  probably overlooked being placed next to the Steve Jobs’ passing and biography article, was a quick paragraph about U.S. household earnings. The no money issue, […]

Network Marketing Success- a marathon not a sprint

Tweet Looking for Network Marketing Success ? Then you better understand, it takes time, not matter what, and a sharp learning curve. As I am also a triathlon and running coach, I find that when working with people, one of the harder things to get people to understand when moving up from the shorter distances […]

Network Marketing Income the Best Choice?

Tweet Is Network Marketing Income the best choice for income for you?  I sure seem to be reassured of the path I have chosen many times as I work with my personal training clients each day. It is amazing the amount of work some of the businessmen I train put into projects with a projected […]

Stressing about Technical Glitches and Setbacks- is this keeping you from financial freedom?

Tweet So I  had fallen into the trap, stressing about technical glitches and setbacks. It has been too many days since my last post and in that process I was taught something about myself.  When I get derailed I really get shut down.  Now there are some other factors involved, but the bottom line was […]

Labor Day for Network Marketers ?

Tweet Do we need a Labor Day for Network Marketers ? An interesting thought I would say. After all, is not the concept of network marketing to establish time freedom, true financial security,  and an escape from the daily, unfortunately ingrained, concept of painfully trading our time for dollars? The first big Labor Day in […]

Yes You Can

Tweet Yes You Can, Succeed This may be a bit of a different post,  but, since athletics have been such a part of my life, posts like these will show up in my business site. Simple as that.  Generally, I would write about this Father and Son duo in something to give to my triathlete […]

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