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Power Lead System- What is it and Why You Should Consider Using It

Tweet Power Lead System- What is it and Why You Should Consider Using It I was lucky enough to have had Power Lead System  product brought to my attention barely 2 weeks ago.  Apparently it had been about to launch for quite some time and maybe the buzz had simmered.  I am the worst when […]

Keep Your Camera Handy

Tweet So I am chatting today with one of the personal trainers I work with and we got to chatting again about the whole internet world. He is been busy for over a year building his brand for personal training online and I feed him all the latest I learn while staying up until 3.a.m. […]

Hostgators Black Friday Sale

Tweet Well, I mentioned it was coming, Hostgators Black Friday Sale is here. Well, depending when you read this, Hostgators Black Friday Sale has been going on since midnight. Hostgators Black Friday Sale 2011 deal and this year they are giving 50% on all Hosting account. There is no coupon code required all you have […]

Black Friday : It’s not just for appliances- Host Gator gets in on the action!!

Tweet I have never really participated in Black Friday other than working at Shopko as a teenager. I was amazed at the Black Friday shoppers lining up to trample through the doors. At that time, yes, dating myself, the rush was for Cabbage Patch kids and Tickle Me Elmo.  I remember digging through cases of […]

Blogging for Apples- the Power of the Blog

Tweet Understanding the Power of the Blog Due to the general understanding of the power of the blog, there are some 30,000 blogs started everyday with people venturing onto the internet looking  either to simply have a place to post their daily happenings, and more often, because there is money to be made from blogging. […]

Focus on Strengths or Weaknesses ?

Tweet Have you ever heard someone say focus on strengths or weaknesses ? Which one should we spend time on?  I looked around and you can get probably a balanced amount of people siding with each.  As a triathlon coach this question leans towards the work on the weaknesses. There are 3 events, swimming, cycling,  […]

Pruning Your Business?

Tweet What?  What do you mean pruning your business? Well, interestingly enough, in church yesterday the message was about pruning. They of course were talking about life in general and how to eliminate the things that hold you back in life and your relationship with the Lord. Pruning your business has nothing to do with […]

Are you an Entrepreneur or a Business Opportunity Seeker?

Tweet So, are you an Entrepreneur or a Business Opportunity seeker? Maybe I should cover first what the difference is between the two and then you can decide from there.  If you were brought into this industry of internet/network marketing because you were looking for a business opportunity, you might quickly become one of the […]

Live the Dream 2 Event- Win a Free Ticket!

Tweet Win a Free Ticket to Live the Dream 2- and why you need to attend live events   You don’t have to be an Einstein to work this business of online marketing and/or network marketing.  Though it surely feels like it. Especially when new. The learning curve is sharp and it never really ends. […]

Avoiding Spam- do you care?

Tweet Ok, so I’m not really talking about that kind of spam.  I’m talking about the kind that clogs up your email inbox, youtube video comments, or blog posts. Do we even need to mess with avoiding spam ? Maybe I don’t like it because it used to be a distraction to me. See…in the […]

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