What is an Up Sell

We touched a bit on this last Friday when talking about how to get the most out of buying an info product.  So, what is an up sell? After you decide to purchase you then get bombarded with requests to buy more significantly higher and higher priced add-ons.

Exactly that. Some sort of add on product to what you just bought. This could also be an introduction to some other info product the person has in their arsenal. up sell

I used to hate seeing these up sell s because it made me think , ” …well, crap! So what I just bought isn’t going to do me any good unless I dish out the extra $197 ?!? ”  1) that is the cynic, victim mentality and gets you nowhere. 2) after asking why it is done this way?  Well, many DO want to help people out without the  upsell , so they have the part of the program that at least gets them in the door to get started. Will you have to spend a little more time on it? Yes, without having that  extra software or tips and tricks that could involve buying an additional tool that requires a monthly subscription.

Example would be a craigslist program I purchased. Well, it works BEST when you use a program that takes the work out of cycling through web addresses to give your ad some longevity. It automatically cycles IP addresses so your ad doesn’t get ‘ghosted’ and you start getting banned from placing ads.

So an up sell might not be all that bad. Don’t take it personally 🙂 or feel like you are not going to be able to do something with what you initially purchased.  It is easy to get caught up in the buyers frenzy…after all, it is marketing and it is done to marketers too!

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