Pruning Your Business?

What?  What do you mean pruning your business? Well, interestingly enough, in church yesterday the message was about pruning. They of course were talking about life in general and how to eliminate the things that hold you back in life and your relationship with the Lord.

Pruning your business has nothing to do with horticulture.

We aren’t talking gardening here. There are three steps here: Pruning, Focus, and Enjoy. Not to get all biblical here, but the idea is from John 15:1-12. From 2- “He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.”

Now in life  and business we may look at this as eliminating the negative people in our lives.  We must also look at those that are maybe negative towards the journey you have chosen in network marketing. We have to assess, do the people that surround us ‘inspire’ us or ‘expire’ us.  In other words, do the people you surround yourself with foster growth in your business, or do they cloud your vision towards a different life than the “exchange of time for dollars” mentality?

This is part of pruning your business. Cutting back on what is not in complete unison with your vision, so as to allow you to fully focus on what you are trying to achieve. In grape production, the pruning of the vines allows the grapes to grow bigger and sweeter.

Pruning your business could also entail then some sacrificing  of the things you might need to in building a new business. If you are still working your current job while embarking on a residual journey, then this will probably entail sleep, social, recreational, and even some family time.

I had purchased a small course from Tim Sales a year or so ago that had info about how he built his business big. He worked full time, so he assessed where all his other time was spent. Began timing how long he took on lunch breaks, where he spent his free time, and if it didn’t equate to being a benefit to his business, he cut it out.
Never Hear the Pyramid Objection Again!
Now we all hear about balance in life. However, a temporary imbalance may be necessary for a period of time, for the greater benefit of the outcome. Tim talked of missing weekend 4 hour bike rides with his triathlon buddies. This hit home with me because this is what I had decided to do as well.  One of the main goals of me embarking on the network marketing  journey was the ” time freedom’ aspect. I then figured putting my training and racing on the back burner for a season, in the long run will actually benefit me as I would be able to train with more time freedom and recover better with more resources for massage and best quality food etc.

Now in pruning your business, I didn’t want to lose too much, but I curtailed my athletic lifestyle considerably. This brings us to the second part of the pruning your business process which is what this elimination then allows…Focus.

See, in pruning your business, and eliminating distractions, allows us to focus more on what is necessary. See, I was doing exactly what Tim Sales was doing. When I was working I was thinking about the business, when I was riding and running, I was thinking about the business, yet when I was working the business..I was thinking of riding and running and working.  If I had a race entered coming up, I just didn’t want to put off the training. If I was on the internet, I felt I should be at the club prospecting for clients…since that’s what was still paying the bills.

Now, all this pruning your business, thus allowing more focus, then is supposed to lead to what? Enjoyment. Simply, the outcome of what you started as an entrepreneur, in a business model a bit different than other entrepreneural models, is the ability to enjoy what the pruning your business, allowing more focus, should provide, the ability to enjoy your time to do what you would rather be doing. For me it was my passions of training, and racing , and coaching others to achieve great things as well, yet without it taking such a toll on the family or my health.

So there you have it. Pruning your business, allow yourself more focus on the tasks necessary (Lead Generation) , to then enjoy the fruits of your labor.

What are some things you feel you need to do in pruning your business? What are you allowed to focus on? Share below in the comments section. While you are at it, share what you would enjoy when you make it to that place of time freedom that you seek!





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