Live the Dream 2 Event- Win a Free Ticket!

Win a Free Ticket to Live the Dream 2- and why you need to attend live events


Live the Dream 2 You don’t have to be an Einstein to work this business of online marketing and/or network marketing.  Though it surely feels like it. Especially when new. The learning curve is sharp and it never really ends. Attending events like Live the Dream 2 will open your eyes to all the possibilities and throw your motivation into overdrive.

Now this isn’t your typical rah rah event that you generally experience at the usual company get together. These are people that have chosen a little different path to become top earners in their respective companies.

Live the Dream 2 Event – can create major shifts in your business.

I attended a similar event back in March called No Excuses Summit II. I was amazed by all that what presented. Names that I had seen on the internet for months and here they were, pouring out information. Yet is was one connection that has sent me on this journey. It took me a bit to understand it isn’t always about the presenters at the events, but your networking with those attending. I went through high school as a neutral party ‘observer’,  and I saw this here.

This one connection was with Michelle Pescosolido ( then Michele Alpha) and a side note mention was given to her by none other than Mark Hoverson, about her Facebooking capabilities and her relative quick rise. I briefly introduced myself, which was a step in itself. ( remember this when you attend Live the Dream 2)

I opted into her list and basically I thought, here is someone who has succeeded recently. What I perceived as a regular person, not someone that had been at this for 10-20 years and totally seasoned. This didn’t mean to me unqualified. In fact, it just meant that I was probably making it a lot harder on myself if someone got to where they were at, by following the same system I was just sitting on,  paralyzed.

It started with me simply trying to call the number she had listed to find out if the number goes to an autoresponder, then auto call back message, then auto link to something or other. Nope, She answered.  After talking with her, her energy, her conviction that ANYBODY should be able to do what she did, and  a few quick call outs on what was holding ME back, and I was in.  When I look back now about all I had already learned about attraction marketing, she did it. I sat in on a webinar, and a day later joined her in one of her primaries before I even fully understood what it was. Textbook.

The thing is, I didn’t hmm haw the next day with the ‘ what the heck did I do?”. No, I thought, dang, that is what I want to learn how to do!  Fast forward to now  and in her drive to help people she has put out the 90 day blogging challenge to get procrastinators and frozen people to take action and the group is amazing! The second thing is a video entry contest for a ticket to attend Live the Dream 2 in which she is now going to be a speaker at!!

Even though my best intentions were to get a video out the night as I saw the contest released, because I know that is what she had done in the past…my ingrained procrastination won and it was now a week in. After all, I had till the 10th of Sept!! Then she announced the surprising lack of entrants after that 1st week, I too was surprised!But it does fit the statistics. Obviously other procrastinators.

So here is my entry.  I procrastinate and retake and rethink because I can’t get all my thoughts out that I was thinking when I decided to go ahead. Then again, another nugget someone told me came through, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Perfectionists and analyzers  will only stay broke. ( thanks YouTube for the thumbnail pic! )



Attend live events, and not just events to hype you up, events that have others attending that do what you want to achieve. Events like Live the Dream 2 and you can get` 3 LIVE presentations from last years event by going here

Live the Dream 2






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