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So I am chatting today with one of the personal trainers I work with and we got to chatting again about the whole internet world.
He is been busy for over a year building his brand for personal training online and I feed him all the latest I learn while staying up
until 3.a.m. stuck in my learning mode, he applies it lol.

But really, it is great because we bounce ideas back and forth and mostly my mind just gets going for myself as I think of ways to help him and myself and the vision gets bigger and bigger.  Somewhere in there….I think I come up with ‘my story’ a bit better because it just flows out when explaining why I went back to working with a big ticket biz ( which of course helps plant the seed with him…without ‘selling’ him on it 😉

Many times when talking to clients about a particular subject whether nutrition or the need to do an exercise with a bit more concentration than punching the clock in ‘have ta’ workout mode, I ( and he) rattle off some of the greatest info with such passion for what I do.  Then I get frustrated because I am like ” Dang, that was awesome!”

Not to toot my horn, but the enlightenment I give them and how it rattled off seemingly so well, you just get that Arrgh feeling,  I just wish I could have recorded it!  He goes through the same feeling.

So today’s vid is a bit about that. Do your videos while the idea is fresh. With today’s phones…it’s too easy!

I am participating in a #videochallenge through our biz Facebook group and this was todays.

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