Focus on Strengths or Weaknesses ?

Have you ever heard someone say focus on strengths or weaknesses ? Which one should we spend time on?  I looked around and you can get probably a balanced amount of people siding with each.  As a triathlon coach this question leans towards the work on the weaknesses. There are 3 events, swimming, cycling,  and running ( well 4 if you include transition time between events as time can be made here as well) and to be great at only one, does not guarantee a good placing and balanced event.

Focus on strengths or weaknesses -different views  focus on strengths or weaknesses

To qualify for World Championships in triathlon, I had to balance out my stronger cycling background. Online, the opposite may be more effective over the long haul.  Most say pick what you know, and run with it.  With the plethora of information,  product launches, techniques and methods of generating income and traffic online, it is easy to get caught up in trying to learn it all in the beginning.  I found myself, and still occasionally guilty of, trying to do it all.  I look at what someone has done on their blog or marketing, and continually I ignore that they didn’t set it up that way in a weekend.

I am of course not taught to do it this way.  Pick one thing, master it, THEN move on. Now that doesn’t mean in the process of focus on strengths or weaknesses you don’t do a little bit of everything.  You still establish some form of a blog, make some video’s, and get out there on the social media sites.  You just might not have all the info to monetize your video posts if you are focusing on the blog. Or your blog might not have all the links working or you aren’t posting everyday as you concentrate on getting your videos traffic.

Focus on strengths or weaknesses and each one will happen over time. Focus on the strength of the video marketing and it will get faster and faster as you learn to shoot in less takes, get more comfortable in front of the camera, get quicker at editing ( since you are out of the process of learning while producing!) and posting.  Then, while continually benefiting from those videos floating around, you pick the next thing to work on.

Outsourcing helps to focus on strengths or weaknesses

Many are in the position to outsource those things which they are weak on.  Instead of spending the time to learn how to what is most difficult for you, have someone else do it for you.  You could even have someone in your team that is getting a little more established and trade some extra time of yours in exchange for them doing the things you don’t want to spend the time deciphering.

This is difficult for the analytical people like myself, or control freaks who don’t want to relinquish tasks to others for fear they won’t be done to their standards. It really makes for some unproductive time.  Now, if money is truly the object ( you still need to equate time vs. dollars) then you have to not get discouraged over the time it takes to build your business because you will be doing many things yourself and thus your curve will be a bit longer.

Now on a personal level though, outsourcing has it limitations.  You may be able to buy a personal trainer, but you really can’t pay them to make you healthy. You can’t pay someone to enjoy your leisure time for you, manage your family, or keep your mind sharp. When you can’t easily outsource, then your weaknesses hurt you. Meaning, the entrepreneur still has to have some overall basic skills.

If you build like a business, then you will reinvest what you first start to profit with, into outsourcing, simplifying and using systems.  Isn’t the primary goal some level of time freedom? Driving hard what you know you can do, and being patient with and putting aside some of the things you don’t, might in the long run produce a better result.

Decide what you are going to focus on, master it, then move on.  I hope this inspires you to think a bit about whether you are spinning your wheels or need to crack down on a little concrete direction. It isn’t easy and there will still be some ups and downs.

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