Blogging for Apples- the Power of the Blog

power of the blogUnderstanding the Power of the Blog

Due to the general understanding of the power of the blog, there are some 30,000 blogs started everyday with people venturing onto the internet looking  either to simply have a place to post their daily happenings, and more often, because there is money to be made from blogging.

A blog is an easy and low cost method of creating a presence on the internet. It can be completely free. However, if planning to build any sort of business online, harness the true power of the blog by owning it with a domain name you purchase and a theme installed to make it look like a web page. The difference between the two? WordPress explains here.

Short explanation:

www. is where you would send someone if setting your blog up through the ‘.com‘ version of WordPress ( I believe the most used blog site ?? ) set up through the ” .org ”  version of  Worpress looks more personally branded and you now own this site being that this domain name has been purchased.

I covered a quick version of how to set up a web address and theme in a post here.

The Power of the Blog is an Inexpensive Web Presence

Start up marketers don’t have the budgets to pay the thousands of dollars for a professional web builder to pretty up their site. Unless you have a huge interactive business entity with a global presence it really isn’t necessary these days. The power of the blog that creates interaction can become very lucrative.  The average time spent on a web site is 56 seconds so you better have something of value to keep them around.  In the network marketing world that generally entails value driven “how to” information and personal development.

Instead of paying thousands for a professionally done website, many just use what are called Themes installed onto the blog giving the power of the blog to look like a website with pages and links.  You can use the free version of the theme, or for a small price  eliminate any  links that show you are using the free stuff.

You then do not have to go back each time to your programmer, who can charge for each change when you wish to add or edit a post or page. The cost of this route is simply the one time purchase price of the domain name and the monthly ‘hosting’ fee which is necessary to then allow it to be seen on the internet.

There is still a price. Your time. Depending on your tech skills, this could be quite the frustrating process.

However-There is NO power of the Blog if you don’t use it!Power of the blog

Many think if they simply set it up, people will find it and you will be richwithin days. Hardly the case. Not only does it take consistent time of near daily posting, but to also have people linking back to it, sharing it, commenting on it, and spending some time on it.

It takes some work! There are also tools to use for automating some of the processes  auto-syndicating or sharing your content like TribePro.  I just started with a plug- in called WPSyndicator. I’ll get back to you on how that one performs.

I have gone back and looked at the names of people on someone’s list when they do a ‘backoffice’ testimonial of who they have signed up in their system. Upon googling I see the person blogged maybe a handful of times over the course of 2 months and then called it quits when they didn’t see any results, thus becoming another casualty of the ‘scam’ of the internet.

SUPER Power of the Blog- Is Video!

25 million women streamed video in one month via social networks according to Nielsen. That is just the women! Not only does a video keep someone on your page longer ( google likes this) but it increases the power of the blog with the benefit of that  info being shared..especially if you are a little whacky maybe and people connect well with your personal authenticity. It builds a better connection to your audience.

How do you put it all together to maximize the power of the blog? Well, you can pour through hours and hours of Youtube video and blog posts or find someone to guide you through it. So when you sign up to work with someone in their primary business, it is in their best interest to teach them and keep them from wasting time. Which is exactly what I am willing to do for you!

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