Black Friday : It’s not just for appliances- Host Gator gets in on the action!!

black friday line

I have never really participated in Black Friday other than working at Shopko as a teenager. I was amazed at the Black Black Friday Stop SignFriday shoppers lining up to trample through the doors. At that time, yes, dating myself, the rush was for Cabbage Patch kids and Tickle Me Elmo.  I remember digging through cases of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles looking for the ‘one’ Donatello that existed in each case.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, sparking off the holiday shopping season with killer deals and slashed prices. Many people get much of the ‘big’ family items purchased on this day.

So what does this have to do with Hostgator? Well, I just received an email about some Black Friday special that they ran last year netting them # 1  on the Alexa trending list and figured I might as well place this out there that they are doing it again this year.

Many of you reading this probably already have a blog up and hosted somewhere. So not sure who will need this Black Friday post.  It is sort of an experiment as well. With all the current mass exposure on a particular  business model launched to help people get started in an online business and make “100% commissions”  for the first time in the process..sort of their own ‘ Black Friday ‘ special ..just started a bit earlier.

Or on the flip side, my inbox is filled with just as many pitches towards people affiliating everybody else’s latest and greatest, including a top notch SEO program that can help build massive traffic to your site.  Or a top webinar series by Todd Falcone  a master of recruiting and talking to people.

ANYWAY, if you know someone who is looking to get online by black friday, and just doesn’t know really where to start, send ’em  this blog post and link back here to this quick little vid I did before on setting up a blog.

Now Don’t Do This Part Below Just Yet- Wait till after Midnight Thursday for the Black Friday announcement I will post as soon as I get the info!

The email says it is some killer deal on hosting or something…anything else I have no clue as I just use them for hosting. Then click the banner below to get your website hosted and be up and running!!  If you have any questions getting set up, feel free to contact me.



If you don’t make it back…have a Happy Thanksgiving!! And if you are reading this AFTER black friday..then jsut click the link to get your hosting 🙂

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If you already have hosting, and a blog, and been farting around online…but still don’t have any leads yet…it might be time to just look into THIS lead generation tool for some help. ( Click that “THIS” button back there 🙂  )


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