Avoiding Spam- do you care?

Ok, so I’m not really talking about that kind of spam.  I’m talking about the kind that clogs up your email inbox, youtube video comments, or blog posts. Do we even need to mess with avoiding spam ?

Maybe I don’t like it because it used to be a distraction to me. See…in the early days,  before I got quicker at spotting it and or/ had my filter set a bit higher, I would open some of it. I don’t know why, just to see what they were talking about since the subject caught my attention.  Then I would Google someting and 2 hours later decide I better get back to work.  Those days of distraction are long gone.

Avoiding Spam?

According to SpamHaus, Spam, as applied to email means ” unsolicited bulk email”. This means the recipient has not granted verifiable permission for the email to be sent ( unsolicited)  and is in BULK ( mass quantities with similar content). So we get unsolicited email, that’s ok, and we get bulk ( are you on any lists?? ) Spam is when they are combined ( viagra anyone?)

This is why we have to use capture pages and opt in boxes. Some even using the ” double opt in” in which after opting in, they still need to open an email and click a link…just in case their buddy used their email to get into something. This helps to keep us from being considered spamming our prospects. Still, many are avoiding spam and are hesitant to opt in. That’s why a personal video helps out there. Make em feel a little more connected.

I really only thought about avoiding spam  when I was setting up signatures for my blog posts. I had seen how others freely put their emails and even phone numbers out there. This to show their transparency to being real and able to connect to. My fear? a clogged email box and 3 am phone calls ( yes, I know, ringer should be off).

Now, a regular email through standard carries like Yahoo, Gmail, Live  etc, have plenty of filter settings built in and customizable for avoiding spam. The directions for setting those can be found within each so I am not really going into that. What I was concerned about was what is called ‘Harvesting emails”  or ‘scraping’ of websites of all the ‘contact us’ addresses. These are then compiled into list generators and once on there can never be retracted as they spread instantly to many list generators. A simple way for avoiding spam, don’t give ’em anything to harvest. An easy one, signatures outside of ones in our emails.

My general attitude was similar to identity theft. Really, if they want my info that bad, they are going to get it. Top business entities and even the Government have been hacked into at some point. So why bother spending the time with the email? With the fact we are marketing to a bazillion people that we don’t know, there is enough unknown addresses to go through. Not sure if having extra unnecessary ones would be good use of time. But then, maybe that’s why many outsource that to someone else 🙂

I don’t know, it is probably not the best use of time avoiding spam. I should be making a video or something instead!  I’m not going to go back and change all my posts anyway.  I merely started this because I came across a free site that gives you a HTML code that you then don’t have to display your email address yet give them the link to connect.
On the syronex website here they posted where you simply enter your email and it generates an HTML code that you place  at the bottom of the blog in your Post. Mess with it, or don’t, I need to go make a video instead of worrying about avoiding spam!






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