Are you an Entrepreneur or a Business Opportunity Seeker?

So, are you an Entrepreneur or a Business Opportunity seeker? Maybe I should cover first what the difference is between the two and then you can decide from there.  If you were brought into this industry of internet/network marketing because you were looking for a business opportunity, you might quickly become one of the statistics! Huh?

Entrepreneur or a business opportunityAre you an Entrepreneur or a Business Opportunity Seeker? You betterEntrepreneur or a business opportunity figure that out now!

What we are talking about here is the REAL difference between an entrepreneur as compared to a “business opportunity seeker”.  In order for you to even get close to succeeding in this business, you need to leave the business opportunity seeker mindset and enter fully and be committed to, the entrepreneur mindset.

Entrepreneur or Business Opportunity

The Business Opportunity Seeker expects things to happen to them. They buy into the hype and hope  ‘it works for them’.  No matter what you show them how to do, no matter how much hand holding, they most likely, simply, are not geared for success. They aren’t prepared for it and some would even say, don’t deserve it. Ouch! Little harsh you say?

Let’s look at the true, spirited entrepreneur. There is a fundamental difference in how this person thinks.  All their life, they either have delved in some sort of business idea, or spend their days frustrated working for someone else, yet can’t quite figure out why they are frustrated. When they break free and embark on something, they don’t really ‘hope’ it works out. But through all the trials and tribulations, they make it work out. They make things happen, no matter what.

The problem could lay in the presentation. People sit through a presentation that tells them they are going to ‘share’ with their friends and family. That they will be an independent distributor or representative of a product or service, and own their own business. What is left out is the fact that you really are going to be running a business, yet most have no clue how to run a business.

You still might not quite get it: Entrepreneur or a Business Opportunity mentality

The entrepreneur understands to get the ultimate out of themselves, their peak potential, is to grow themselves. They understand that making money is simply a byproduct of following and being committed to the steps to success, engaging in the process.  Entrepreneurs also have a deeper understanding of what their success will bring them and the responsibility that will go with it.

The business opportunity seeker enters the home based business industry simply to make more money as their only focus. It is easier to quit when the going gets tough if money is the sole objective. There are many ways to make money.

Storms will happen, roadblocks, and other trials and tribulations. Too much of this and the biz opp guy is out. The entrepreneur understands these are merely steps closer in the right direction and are necessary for them to grow.

Though you might not fully grasp this analogy, but it is sort of what goes on with athletes trying to achieve a certain level in their sport of choice. For many, they like the idea of being an athlete. They see professionals making money at it. Yet they aren’t willing ( or maybe don’t even know)  to put in what it takes to achieve their full genetic potential and become a ‘professional’.  This is sometimes due to the demographics a person lives in. In some countries, if they don’t ‘make it’ in their sport, it is back to the factories and a dismal life. Achieving recognition at, say, the Olympics or something, will be their only way out of poverty and thus they will strive harder.

But the top athletes have this innate sense to achieve, through all obstacles of the process. Work crummy jobs, forgo a social life, creature comforts, all in the name of pushing themselves to achieve. An entrepreneur does the same.

Being an entrepreneur is not a poker game. It takes real work, heart, endurance, and deep spirit to achieve.  Business opportunity seekers have a false expectation of what it will really take to succeed, and will generally be out when the going gets the toughest.

I could go on and on. But the key thing, don’t ‘expect’ things to happen during this process. You have to ‘make’ them happen.

So, I hope this has helped you decided whether you are an entrepreneur or a business opportunity seeker. Maybe you have had to have a bit of a shift in classification just getting a little self evaluation done in there.  Because looking deep inside is HARD. It is much easier to blame external factors as to why things are happening, rather than look at maybe how we shaped those things.

Entrepreneur or a business opportunity






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