Power Lead System- What is it and Why You Should Consider Using It

Power Lead System- What is it and Why You Should Consider Using It

I was lucky enough to have had Power Lead System  product brought to my attention barely 2 weeks ago.  Apparently it had been about to launch for quite some time and maybe the buzz had simmered.  I am the worst when it comes to being distracted with the new systems and opportunities that are added weekly out in internet land.  However,  Power Lead System got through to me.

Other than the fact it can indeed be an “opportunity” when you affiliate it, what drew my attention was the fact it was housing not onlyPower Lead System the online tools needed to be out in internet land, but also those I just hadn’t broke down and coughed up the dinero for yet and should of had in my toolbox!

Now, yes, the ” Twist” they put in the Power Lead System to greatly enhance the 100% commission model we are seeing more of again these days, also was a big deciding factor.  But below Eydie and I cover the basics of what is in the system and why we are dumping our current auto responder system for this.


What is Power Lead System | Chris and Eydie Explain



Give Away This System For FREE

One of the main components to the Power Lead System is the fact that you can give away portions of this system for free as an incentive to people venturing online looking for these tools.

That’s all for now. More to come as we dig into the back office of this awesome system! I will say that there is way more in there in the terms of teaching the ‘ how to’s ” than I would have hoped for.

So you are not just getting a system..but also how to use it.  Besides, work with Eydie and I ..and we can help you out as well.

Nobody is going to do it for you, the tools won’t do it for you.

Take a 7 day free trial of the Power Lead System here

Have a great day!!




Internet Lifestyle Network Day 5 Video Challenge .. sort of

Well this is day 5 of the video challenge..but I will say..I will technically have to start my count over again.  I wasn’t going to bring attention to the fact that merely 4 days in and I already missed a day, but then I thought why not?

I don’t have the stats yet as to how many from the original first day are still on track. Since my wife and I are really on one account with Internet Lifestyle Network ( ILN)  we really can only count as one entry.  I had been helping with editing Eydie’s videos and spending WAY to much time editing mine that I missed the midnight deadline one day and another I think I plain fell asleep.

The thing is though, I personally may be out and we still have Eydie’s in good standing, but I think that is a little what got me, subconsciously.  I had that slightest..’ ..well, since it is only the one account that counts…it won’t really matter if I miss a day anyway.

The problem with that was then that allowed me to miss. I lost the discipline to post anyway.  I mean, why wouldn’t it just be doubly beneficial if I posted 100 also!?

Well, for the sake of numbering the videos and such I am not starting over  exactly.  I am just going to keep posting and will have to just go 102 days to get the 100 straight!

Meanwhile, I think I am going to have to watch the video editing a bit for now.  But I am going to have to start getting those tutorial type vids out.  The mindset stuff is always good…but you also need info on what to be doing.

Todays message was simply addition to yesterdays Ironman clip.

Internet Lifestyle Network | Technology Gone Wild Day 4

Internet Lifestyle Network Day 4 of the Video Challenge

Technology gone wild!  So I already ran into a snag, that if I were technically playing the 100 day video challenge , I would already be out by day 3!

I used a new app for the ipad mini. I own no other Apple product, so I didnt realize that you can’t just ‘hook the thing up’ in order to get a video file out if it and edit it a bit.

So of course I waited until the final hour to crank out a video and low and behold… the file wouldn’t show up to export into the video. After a few hours and nodding off to sleep I woke up waaay past the deadline. The next morning the power goes out.

So today’ video is a joint venture with my wife Eydie.  A little fun about how when you need it most…technology fails!  We found out anyway that we are ‘one’ as a team anyway since we are under one account in the Internet Lifestyle Network. Which is nice.  I don’t technically have to do 100 videos..but I am sure going to try anyway!

watch below and comment , like it , share it!  Have a great day!


Internet Lifestyle Network | Daily Call to Action

Day 3 of the Internet Lifestyle Network 100 day video Challenge. Something most, if not all, successful entrepreneurs do is have a daily call to action or daily plan of action, whichever you want to call it.
But basically, outside of the ever changing tasks you have to do daily , the unexpected Webinar you just HAVE to be on, the kids school project, overtime at work etc…the one thing to implement and become very disciplined with is a few main key processes that need to be done each day.

Depending on which form of marketing you are using, whether it is LinkedIn, FaceBook, or a 100 Day Video Challenge like this, you need to get consistant on those daily actions. That is what contests like this are for. To create the habit that no matter what, you at LEAST get those tasks done.

The ones that are the most important, and it just might not be going through your email for the 10th time that day.

Internet Lifestyle Network 100 Day Video Challenge Day 2

Ok, I know it says Day 2 but there isn’t a Day 1 post because, well, it was late when we shot this video last night when we first heard of the whole Internet Lifestyle Network 100 Day Video Challenge.  The Co-Founder of ILN, Vincent Ortega Jr. put out a challenge to help boost people’s business and nudge some personal growth.

For me, the Internet Lifestyle Network 100 Day video challenge was harder to start for me than anticipated.  I have done video for my coaching site but those were tutorials about topics I have been around for most of my life.  It was amazing to see in myself, the total relapse into how I went through my first few years of college before eventually choosing a different path ( ok..dropping out right!?)

I have done Google Hangouts now, and other internet tutorials… but this was different. The more I analyzed ( because that is what I do.another trait that needs to be curbed) the more frozen in the action I became. I did exactly this in college.  I would over think so much about these school projects, only to stress myself into inaction, and in the end, not turn in anything.

So as the final hour approached to turn in the day’s video, and true to my luck, my 20 month old decides at 11:30pm to get up…for a few hours. My procrastination once again biting me in the butt.

So here is day 2 of the video challenge.  If you have any questions go ahead and reach out to me/us.


Keep Your Camera Handy

So I am chatting today with one of the personal trainers I work with and we got to chatting again about the whole internet world.
He is been busy for over a year building his brand for personal training online and I feed him all the latest I learn while staying up
until 3.a.m. stuck in my learning mode, he applies it lol.

But really, it is great because we bounce ideas back and forth and mostly my mind just gets going for myself as I think of ways to help him and myself and the vision gets bigger and bigger.  Somewhere in there….I think I come up with ‘my story’ a bit better because it just flows out when explaining why I went back to working with a big ticket biz ( which of course helps plant the seed with him…without ‘selling’ him on it 😉

Many times when talking to clients about a particular subject whether nutrition or the need to do an exercise with a bit more concentration than punching the clock in ‘have ta’ workout mode, I ( and he) rattle off some of the greatest info with such passion for what I do.  Then I get frustrated because I am like ” Dang, that was awesome!”

Not to toot my horn, but the enlightenment I give them and how it rattled off seemingly so well, you just get that Arrgh feeling,  I just wish I could have recorded it!  He goes through the same feeling.

So today’s vid is a bit about that. Do your videos while the idea is fresh. With today’s phones…it’s too easy!

I am participating in a #videochallenge through our biz Facebook group and this was todays.

Hostgators Black Friday Sale

Well, I mentioned it was coming, Hostgators Black Friday Sale is here. Well, depending when you read this, Hostgators Black Friday Sale has been going on since midnight.

Hostgators Black Friday Sale 2011 deal and this year they are giving 50% on all Hosting account. There is no coupon code required all you have to do is register with the link. This is an incredible deal and it will only run for 1 DAY!
Hostgators Black Friday Sale

The discount applies to the customers first invoice only so be sure to purchase for the longest period. The VPS and dedicated server hosting services are only available on a monthly basis, therefore the promotion will apply to only the first month.

Please be advised that  Hostgators Black Friday Sale promotion starts at 12:00 AM Friday November 25th CST (-6 GMT) and will run until 11:59PM CST (-6 GMT) 11/25/2011.


You can buy the award winning hosting for as low as:

Hostgators Black Friday SaleThis promotion will bring our already competitive hosting packages as low as:

Shared hosting: As low as $4.95 Now only: $2.48/month (pre-paid)

Reseller Hosting: As low as $24.95 Now Only: $12.48/month (pre-paid)

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Dedicated Servers: As low as $174 Now Only $87/month (First Month)

As you can see, this is an absolutely CRAZY DEAL on Black Friday 2011 Offer!!
So click the link below and get started. Even if you alrady have hosted one account. existing accounts can still get the deal on new hosting accounts.

Hostgators Black Friday Sale

video marketing

Contact me if you have questions Skype Chris.Aarhus
Email- Chris@gettaughtmarketing.com

Black Friday : It’s not just for appliances- Host Gator gets in on the action!!

black friday line

I have never really participated in Black Friday other than working at Shopko as a teenager. I was amazed at the Black Black Friday Stop SignFriday shoppers lining up to trample through the doors. At that time, yes, dating myself, the rush was for Cabbage Patch kids and Tickle Me Elmo.  I remember digging through cases of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles looking for the ‘one’ Donatello that existed in each case.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, sparking off the holiday shopping season with killer deals and slashed prices. Many people get much of the ‘big’ family items purchased on this day.

So what does this have to do with Hostgator? Well, I just received an email about some Black Friday special that they ran last year netting them # 1  on the Alexa trending list and figured I might as well place this out there that they are doing it again this year.

Many of you reading this probably already have a blog up and hosted somewhere. So not sure who will need this Black Friday post.  It is sort of an experiment as well. With all the current mass exposure on a particular  business model launched to help people get started in an online business and make “100% commissions”  for the first time in the process..sort of their own ‘ Black Friday ‘ special ..just started a bit earlier.

Or on the flip side, my inbox is filled with just as many pitches towards people affiliating everybody else’s latest and greatest, including a top notch SEO program that can help build massive traffic to your site.  Or a top webinar series by Todd Falcone  a master of recruiting and talking to people.

ANYWAY, if you know someone who is looking to get online by black friday, and just doesn’t know really where to start, send ’em  this blog post and link back here to this quick little vid I did before on setting up a blog.

Now Don’t Do This Part Below Just Yet- Wait till after Midnight Thursday for the Black Friday announcement I will post as soon as I get the info!

The email says it is some killer deal on hosting or something…anything else I have no clue as I just use them for hosting. Then click the banner below to get your website hosted and be up and running!!  If you have any questions getting set up, feel free to contact me.



If you don’t make it back…have a Happy Thanksgiving!! And if you are reading this AFTER black friday..then jsut click the link to get your hosting 🙂

video marketing





Skype-  Chris.Aarhus

Email- Chris@gettaughtmarketing.com

If you already have hosting, and a blog, and been farting around online…but still don’t have any leads yet…it might be time to just look into THIS lead generation tool for some help. ( Click that “THIS” button back there 🙂  )


Not So Hidden Path to This Live Event!:With Mark and Michelle

How’s This for a Chance to Attend 2 Epic Events?!?

Mark Hoverson’s and Michelle Alpha Pescosolido’s

Global Resorts Network Team Event


Either you are still reeling from all the information learned at Live the Dream event in Orlando, or you didn’t make it, or you are just getting started looking around online and stumbled upon my blog.  Whichever one, below is just one of those things you just have to take a look at and understand the value being offered.

Mark Hoverson

 Details:  Location  Phoenix, AZ

Feb 8-9, 2012 – Join in with Michelle Alpha Pescosolido (Facebook Marketing Queen) and the stellar team I have partnered myself with for this “private” all day masterminding event.  They are limiting this to a small group for more one on one interactions.  This event will be all about YOU!  Michelle will have a large table set up where the goal is to mastermind all day on your business. Michelle promises this to not be like your usual primary biz’s conference to get you all riled up just to go home excited for 2-3 days and leave you going, hmmph…so now what?

Whether you are just starting from scratch, or just have some component that keeps you a step or two away from accomplishing your goals.  Whatever your need, this is basically an open forum for Michelle and her accomplished team to help these select few.

From what I understand, this isn’t just a day filled with getting talked at in lectures. Rather this promises to be a day filled with hands on, get your business running like a well oiled machine.  In one room, you’re going to have Michelle and several of the top leaders in GRN uniting and focusing 100% exclusively on YOU & YOUR business. To spend an entire day with this sort of help could cost you $2500.00 for the entire day.  But, read on to see how you can get into this event for FREE and I will explain below.

*Note if you do not choose the option explained below then in order to attend this event for two days you will need to contact Michelle at 469.247.3526 to make payment arrangements.  However, anyone on my Global Resorts Network Team attends for FREE so contact me at 210.601.3935

Due to the highly personalized nature of this Mastermind, we are forced to limit the event to 10 people


Feb 10, 2012Mark Hoverson’s GRN / Information Blueprint Live Event.  Spend the day with our team at Mark Hoverson’s live event and enjoy the following:

  • epic branding video opportunities
  • great food
  • tight team bonding and playing
  • lifelong memories
  • lifelong friendships
  • recruiting frenzy while on sight
  • training from Mark Hoverson, Michelle,  Eric Wilkes, Adam Holland and many more….


How would you like to work with Mark Hoverson, Michelle Alpha Pescosolido and our TEAM?  For me, to make the decision to join this team was a life changer.  The descision was actually was one of the quickest ones I made in this industry when I decided to work with Michelle.  I never looked back and am working hard to create the 6 figure income business my mentors have.  Wouldn’t you like to do the same? We will show you how. This is your chance to work with the very BEST in this industry.

Here are the details:

1. Get back to the Global Resorts Network affiliate on MY TEAM that brought you here and join them RIGHT AWAY.  This offer won’t last long.  Remember only 10 spots available for the 2 Day Mastermind, Feb 8-9, 2012.

2. If you are here because of me then CLICK HERE to join RIGHT AWAY.  Same thing….this offer won’t last long.  I have the time to work with YOU right now!  ( Remember only 10…2 at the time of writing this are already gone)

Here’s the best part.  Once you join our team..well then you too have time to  participate in this EPIC Global Resorts Network Contest we are holding right now for our team.  Don’t wait till the event in Feb to get up and going! You can also leverage this exact post to generate your own sales and get them a FREE pass to this event.  Not only is there one contest but I have sweetened the pot for my team mates and have added in even more bonuses for you to leverage.

See below:

To participate in the Global Resorts Network Contest you of course must be an affiliate first.  Inquire today about becoming an affiliate, by calling Chris at 210.601.3935 or CLICK HERE for more information or get back with the person on my team that brought you here.

Here’s how to play once you join:

Qualifying  for the Global Resorts Network Contest

Personal Platinum Sale = 2 points
Matching Teammate Sale = 1 point
***Layaway plans only count if sale is completed in full.  Click here – LAYAWAY INFO

***Gold Sales = 1 point, and matching teammate = .5 point
***Must be an active member inside the “GRN Facebook Mastermind Group”, which requires you are engaged in talking to at least 1 prospect per week about the GRN product or opportunity, and you share your successes inside the mastermind. If you are wanting and willing to meet the requirements of the group, email Michelle at michelle@onlinewealthpartner.com for an invitation.
***Must be present during the February 10th GRN event in Phoenix, AZ (obviously if some serious thing happens we will make an exception).

Top 10 in the Global Resorts Network Contest- People with the Most Points

Luxury Global Resorts Network Mastermind- 2 Days & Nights Accommodations in Phoenix-area.

*Feburary 9-10  (during the GRN and “Blueprint LIVE” event)

*amazing food

*bask in your accomplishment while staying at the party house (GRN party Friday night, and Blueprint Party)

*epic branding videos

*tight team bonding & playing

*contagious viral energy moving forward

*lifelong memory

*lifelong friendships

*live recruiting frenzy while on sight

#1- The person with the most points in the Global Resorts Network contest will receive a $2000 bonus, plus one FREE invite for a new Platinum teammate to attend the Luxury GRN Mastermind by Mark Hoverson and the private mastermind before

#2- Runner-up in Most Points will receive a $1000 bonus, plus one FREE invite for a new Platinum teammate to attend the Luxury GRN Mastermind.

Rookie Global Resorts Network Contest Bonus- (has made 3 or fewer sales at the start of the tournament) Rookie who makes the most points = $1000 bonus.

“Retail Surprise” Prize- The person with the most retail only sales (meaning the buyers pay only the $2995 for the travel product alone). GRN will pay for your next week of accommodations through our travel provider (up to $799). Minimum 3 sales to qualify. Accommodations must be booked within 12 months.

Here’s the good news.  I am participating personally in the Global Resorts Network Contest and I am looking to bring a new platinum member who signs up during the contest period, on my personal team, to this event as my guest.  You stand a good chance to even qualify to stay with the top leaders in the mansion in Phoenix, Arizona.

===> So, here’s how I have sweetened the OFFER:

Join at the platinum level during the contest period by clicking here or get back with one of my team members and you will receive the following:

  • Michelle’s Facebook Marketing Overload Course (valued at $497.00)
  • After your payment goes through during the 30 day Global Resorts Network Contest period you will receive $400.00 cash back or credit towards your Facebook Ads. If you choose layaway plan your payment will need to be paid in full by the end of the contest period (valued $400.00)
  • 60 Days for FREE into Mark Hoverson’s private coaching club (valued $298.00)
  • Copy of the 4 Hour Work Week ($29.95)
  • 4 Weeks of personal 1 on 1 coaching sessions at 1 a week for 30 minutes ($2K)
  • Your very own Global Resorts Network capture page created by Eric Wilkes (valued $497.00)
  • Admission to the 3 Day Mastermind in Phoenix Feb 8, 9, 10, 2012

I have every right to take down these bonuses at anytime. I highly encourage you to jump on board with a winning team today if you are anywhere on the fence.  (Note: I don’t work with Free affiliates) Take a look at the most recent opportunity webinar held by my good friends, Mark Hoverson and Eric Wilkes for more insight and vision on how you can start making passively $1K commissions.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Global Resorts Network Contest.

Quick Thought Today

Ok, so nothing special here to SEO for the search engines, just a thought I had when driving to work this a.m. and my attempt to just post straight to my FB page is costing more time trying to figure out. SO I figured post in here then post in the page. ( It is not too long and there is a announcement I am working on now to get out before tomorrow ( tues ) night.

I will post the rest of the info HERE when I get it linked up.

Chris Aarhus
Skype Chris.Aarhus
Or work with me here

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